Wednesday, November 24, 2010

USS Rebel Crusader Mentioned In Wall Street Journal Article Covering Brooklyn Chili Takedown

The USS Rebel Crusader, a Star Trek/Sci-Fi fandom ship associated with the Pride Power Imperium, was mentioned in an article published in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, November 23, 2010. The article dealt with a Brooklyn Chili Takedown that took place in Park Slope on Sunday, November 21, 2010.

The article, entitled "In Brooklyn, a Chili in the Air" by Andy Battaglia, can be found at:

The relevant quotation from the article is the following:

Tom Stevens, a lawyer from Queens, learned about the event by way of a "Star Trek"/science-fiction "fan ship" on the internet called the USS Rebel Crusader, for which he serves as Commanding Officer. "My mom is always watching the food channels, so I think that influenced me," Mr. Stevens said of his decision to attend his first food competition. "But I'm very egotistic. I make my own judgments." Asked how he felt after eating so much chili, he replied, "I'm a little hot right now."

The USS Rebel Crusader is a Star Trek/Sci-Fi/Action Hero fandom ship associated with the Pride Power Imperium. It is a time ship equipped with ablative armour, phase cloaking and stealth technology. All members of its genetically enhanced crew have a life span of between 200-250 years and have enhanced strength, intelligence, health, virility and looks. The male members of the crew are also particularly well-endowed. The USS Rebel Crusader holds meetings, sponsors events, goes to movies, attends conventions, and shares sci-fi information as well as hard science news.

The ship's Yahoo Group is located at:

The USS Rebel Crusader's slogan is "Semper Erectus". Its motto is "Never Go Off Half-Cocked" and its adopted quotation is "Wrong thinking is punishable; Right thinking will be as quickly rewarded!" (The Keeper - Talos IV)

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