Monday, June 27, 2011

Republican Warren Redlich Will Not Consider Supporting A Libertarian Presidential Candidate Until Ron Paul Fails To Obtain The Republican Nomination For President In 2012

Warren Redlich, the New York Libertarian Party's nominee for Governor in 2010, has stated in an e-mail to Carl Person, who is seeking the Libertarian Party's Presidential Nomination in 2012, that he's "a Ron Paul guy" and will only consider focusing on the LP candidate "if Ron Paul does not get the GOP nomination".

On June 17, 2011, Carl Person sent an e-mail to Warren Redlich and, in part, wrote:

Anyway, the purpose of this e-mail is to request your personal endorsement for my candidacy for the LP nomination for President.

A few e-mails regarding strategy were exchanged and on June 18, 2011, Warren Redlich responded to Carl Person's request as follows:

I certainly encourage you to pursue this further.

As for an endorsement, I'm a Ron Paul guy. I think he's the best shot to promote libertarian ideas and I'm focused on him for now. While he's not the favorite to get the GOP nomination, I don't agree that it's "very unlikely". More important, he's building a libertarian faction within the GOP. His son got elected and also Justin Amash.

If Ron Paul does not get the GOP nomination, I will very likely focus on the LP candidate at that time, and I hope that's you.

Sam Sloan, who ran against Warren Redlich for the NYLP's gubernatorial nomination in 2010, often criticized Warren Redlich for being a Republican whose "Stop Wasting Money" campaign theme failed to address any substantive libertarian issues.

As recently as June 25, 2011, Sam Sloan wrote:

I remain disappointed that you chose to have a non-Libertarian as the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of New York State when you could have had a Libertarian instead.

and on June 27, 2011, Sam Sloan wrote:

Recall that I would have been the Legitimate Libertarian Party candidate for New York Governor, had not a ruthless gang of anti-Libertarians hijacked the State Convention in Albany last year.

Sam Sloan is referring to the fact that he and Kristin Davis, who were seeking the New York Libertarian Party's gubernatorial nomination in 2010 were not permitted to contact the 400-500 eligible voting delegates in advance of the convention to encourage them to show up to support  them resulting in Warren Redlich being handed the gubernatorial nomination with less than 30 votes. In addition, Sam Sloan argued in his two lawsuits, which were dismissed on technical grounds, that the voting process for the gubernatorial nomination was itself rigged in that attendees, whether eligible to vote or not, were permitted to collect other people's votes and to drop their votes, written on scrap paper, into passing hats. Mr. Sloan had collected evidence of actual fraud having taken place and had two witnesses willing to testify had the case been tried on its merits.

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