Friday, August 26, 2011

Dallwyn Merck, Libertarian Party Officer, Announces "Call Your Dog Mohammad" Campaign

Dallwyn Merck, Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Queens County (a chartered chapter of the New York Libertarian Party), has announced the creation of a "Call Your Dog Mohammad" Campaign, which he claims he has started to defend the right of all people to free speech without the threat of violence.

In a notarized statement, Dallwyn Merck said:

I defend the right of all people to exercise their individual right to free speech without having to face threats of violence when they say something perceived to be offensive to others.

Only a robust debate regarding the political issues of the day - and regarding the existence or non-existence of gods, devils, angels, demons, heaven, hell, sin and salvation upon which many political opinions are based - can reveal the truth of those fundamental and foundational beliefs.

Toward that end, I, Dallwyn Merck, hereby initiate a “Call Your Dog Mohammad” campaign. Every time you see your dog or any dog licking or sniffing its own penis, testes, vagina or anus, or that of another dog, I urge you to say to the dog in a loud voice, “STOP IT MOHAMMAD” and every time you do so, you should be proud of the contribution you are making to a world free of violence where free speech is respected and treasured as essential to the marketplace of competing ideas.

Besides serving as the elected Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Queens County, Dallwyn Merck also serves as Vice-Chair of Downstate Libertarians, a chartered chapter of Empire State Libertarians.

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