Monday, April 23, 2012

Gary Johnson Wins Presidential Straw Poll At New York Libertarian Party's State Convention

The Libertarian Party of New York held its State Convention on April 21, 2012 at the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant located at 140 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. Gary Johnson, R. Lee Wrights, Jim Burns and Carl Person, all who are candidates seeking the Libertarian Party's Presidential Nomination in 2012, participated in a debate after which 41 of the delegates in attendance voted in the straw poll.

The results of the New York Libertarian Party's Presidential Straw Poll were as follows:

Gary Johnson - 26 votes (63.41%)
R. Lee Wrights - 11 votes (26.83%)
Jim Burns - 3 votes (7.32%)
Carl Person - 1 vote (2.44%)

Sam Sloan, the elected Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Queens County and the elected Secretary of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco, who is also seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party for President and maintains residences in the Bronx (NY) and in San Rafael (CA), flew in from California to participate in the debate but was not permitted to do so.

Mr. Sloan, told us during a sit-down interview at Cracker Barrel in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey on April 22, 2012, that he was told the Manhattan Libertarian Party that was hosting the State Convention had decided to exclude him from participation. Mr. Sloan said, "It is my belief the delegates attending the State Convention should have decided whether to allow me to participate in the Presidential Debate but apparently that is not the way they do things in New York. Given my past experiences with the the handful of individuals who have dominated the New York LP for decades, I cannot say I was surprised. However, I was disappointed I was not given an opportunity to share my ideas with the assembled delegates."


  1. Gov. Gary Johnson is the ONLY candidate suitable and with the experience to take on the GOP nominee and Barack Obama.

  2. It is in some ways a bit disturbing that we have come to a point where the patriots who have kept the LP alive for all these years have never got the attention necessary to be successful in the political environment of today.Unfortunately a pure libertarian message won't sell to the vast majority of the people and we are required to peddle a watered down version to avoid public panic at the thought of complete remake of our current system.Maybe we can sell a slow turn around.

  3. The Leviathan that we are addressing is so highly integrated with citizen's lives, so complex, so comprehensive in its claims of authority, that it is best not to think of it as a gordian knot that we can unravel completely if only we knew the one correct string to pull. It will require evolution towards greater liberty, showing the citizens the benefits of that greater liberty as we go along, to convince people to shift their political framework.