Friday, May 18, 2012

Judge Jim Gray Wins Libertarian Party's Vice-Presidential Nomination

After winning the Libertarian Party's Presidential Nomination, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson urged the delegates attending the Libertarian Party's National Convention to select Judge Jim Gray of California as his Vice-Presidential running mate. Judge Gray won the nomination with 59.5% of the vote.

In a speech made to the delegates before the vote, Gary Johnson said, in part:

This is about winning...I believe that Jim Gray affords the best opportunity to win and I want you to know that in this process, we interviewed a lot of candidates as potential Vice-Presidential candidates and without question, I think Jim Gray does a better job when it comes to articulating libertarian ideals and beliefs than anyone else.

R. Lee Wrights of Texas and Jim Burns of Nevada, in anticipation of losing the Libertarian Party's Presidential Nomination to Gary Johnson, actively urged their supporters to write their names on the Vice-Presidential tokens all delegates received so they could be formally nominated as candidates for the Vice-Presidential Nomination of the Libertarian Party. Their bids for the consolation prize proved unsuccessful.

On Saturday, May 5, 2012, the Libertarian Party nominated former California Superior Court Judge Jim Gray for Vice-President of the the United States. Judge Gray won the nomination on the first ballot obtaining 357 of the 600 votes cast for an impressive 59.500% of the total vote. R. Lee Wrights of Texas came in second with 229 votes (38.167%), Jim Burns of Nevada was third with 6 votes (1.000%). There was one write-in vote (.167%) for Sam Sloan and six people voted for None Of The Above (1.000%).

The Libertarian Party National Convention was held from May 3-6, 2012 at the Red Rock Casino, Hotel & Spa located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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