Saturday, November 3, 2012

Democrats & Republicans Will Give You More Of The Same - An Article By LPQC Member Ed Konecnik

Ed Konecnik, a member of the Libertarian Party of Queens County, submitted the following article for publication:

Democrats & Republicans Will Give You More Of The Same
by Ed Konecnik
Flushing, New York
November 2, 2012

Don't be despondent if your candidate does not win. Let me assure you it matters not a whit. For over a half century, Democrats and Republicans have taken turns at presiding over the economy, guiding and managing our national debt, deficit and social programs to the brink of bankruptcy. We have spent many decades switching seats but changing nothing. Both parties continue to debate how to spend more money we don't have and matters that are trivial in comparison to the fiscal crisis we face. We have been doing the same thing, that is, voting for one or the other expecting different results, a process Albert Einstein called insanity.

Do you think this election will be different? Check your premise. Both parties endorse the core principle of a powerful beneficent government and supported TARP, bailouts for the auto industry, banks, etc. Few politicians speak of solutions and even fewer about our debt crisis, impending bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare and unsustainable social welfare programs. There's no way to increase taxes to the degree necessary to cover those benefits without draining capital from the economy and sharply reducing the middle class standard of living. There aren't enough taxes to raise from the wealthy and businesses to deal with what we face and no one is talking about scaling back the size of government in order to live within our means. Americans owe a sum of money we can never ever repay. 

The results of this election will ensure the size of government and our debt will continue to grow and we will again be lulled into a false sense of security and apathy. As a nation, we are inexorably moving towards an illusory utopia of social justice and equal outcomes for all - that is, until we run out of other peoples money.

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