Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sam Sloan Threatens To Run His Own Libertarian Party Slate If Kristin Davis Doesn't Add Him As Her Mayoral Candidate

On Sunday, July 14, 2013, Sam Sloan, a declared candidate for New York City Mayor, tried to get Kristin Davis, the Libertarian Party nominee for New York City Comptroller, to add him on her petitions as the LP Candidate for Mayor and threatened, if she didn't agree, to run his own Libertarian Party slate of candidates and to get the "Libertarian Party" name by filing his Independent Body Petitions with the Board of Elections first.

In an e-mail to Kristin Davis, Sam Sloan wrote, in part:

I am sorry I missed you at the Saturday meeting of the Queens Libertarian Party. I arrived just after you left. They informed me that you are running as the Libertarian Party candidate for Comptroller with nobody else on your ballot line.

I would like to join you as the candidate for Mayor on your petitions. You can run anybody you want as the candidate for Public Advocate. 

If you do not agree to this then unfortunately I will run my own candidates for the Libertarian Party line and whomever gets there first wins.

Andrew Miller, Campaign Manager for Kristin Davis, formally responded to Sam Sloan as follows:

You are welcome to set up your own Slate...



The Mistake for me is to have you as my mayoral candidate.

I hate to be the one to say this but, you are not appealing as a candidate. You go out in dirty suits with dandruff all over your shoulders. We cannot and will not be associated with that. 

Do you know what that says? That says, "Hi, I'm Sam Sloan. I can't take care of my own personal hygiene but I would like to take care of your city."

Sorry Sam, can't do it.

Many e-mails were exchanged but eventually Kristin Davis, the Libertarian Party nominee for New York City Comptroller, responded to Sam Sloan, in part, as follows:

No Sam - I think you have made some very poor choices and delusional moves. I stand behind Mr. Miller 100000%.

You contacted me at 3:00 a.m. to try and blackmail your way onto my mayoral line. You also lied about Tom Stevens' desire to be on my LP line...he would have accepted an LP nomination from us.

You bring nothing to the table. You contacted me on Sunday to ask for my mayoral line yet would not compromise with your Personal Freedom Party line. Politics is about compromise. I tried to work with you - you flat out said no.

So you cost yourself a TREMENDOUS media opportunity. Perhaps you haven't seen today's PAGE TWO OF THE NY POST. 

No one cares what you have to say. No media will cover you - EVER. Your ego is delusional, no one cares what you have to say regardless of what ballot line you are on. We tried to work with you and you said it was too late.

I am not about backstabbery, blackmail or games. From what I hear, you have totally screwed over your Personal Freedom Party candidates and not held to your contract with your petitioners. You can do whatever you want with whatever line you want. What you fail to grasp is the fact that NO ONE cares. Even if you are the Libertarian candidate for Mayor - NO ONE will care. They don't care about you or Michael Sanchez - you are not media worthy and are irrelevant.

I consider this conversation over. You have tried to go around Tom, incite arguments and blackmail/threaten us. I am not for any of that. And I can tell you one thing - as Mr. Miller said - we welcome your challenge.

Before the day was over, Sam Sloan reneged on his contract with the paid petitioners he hired to obtain signatures for his run for New York City Mayor on the Personal Freedom Party line. By not paying for their hotel for the coming week, his paid petitioners were thrown out of their room. Gerald Bundy, one of those petitioners, texted this evening, "Since I was kicked out of the hotel, I had to drive home." Mr. Bundy lives in Pennsylvania and he is unlikely to return given Sam Sloan's breach of the contract he had with him.

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