Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dr. Stephen Finger Says The Rich Won't Make You Poor...Really

Dr. Stephen Finger, an Otolaryngologist practicing medicine in Brooklyn, says that in these modern times, the rich won’t make you poor. In a recent article published on December 30, 2013 entitled The Rich Won’t Make You Poor...Really, Dr. Finger wrote the following:      

“Why all the fuss about 'income inequality? Is that really the 'biggest problem we're facing today'? Is it, in fact, really a 'problem' at all?

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, speaking of 'income inequality, suppose they had never come along and created all their stuff, would one poor person, or even one not-so-poor person, be the slightest bit more prosperous and happy? We got some good stuff and they got really rich. So? It's only 'fair' if we got the stuff and their money too? Where did that come from?

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, the Wright brothers…same thing. Would the 'poor' have been better off without electric lights and cars and railroads and steel and airplanes? Pre-industrial America was rough. The only thing the 'robber barons' robbed us of was a short, tough life. The fact that their incomes were 'unequal' to pretty much everyone else's one.

This is not agrarian Europe in the 1700's where you got rich by getting a bunch of peasants to work your land and then taking as much of the crop as you could get away with, until they decided to chop your head off. In an industrial society, you don't divide the pie. You grow it.
Don't get snookered by the progressive, social justice, 'we love you more than we love ourselves' bunch. Inequality is not the problem even though it sort of sounds like it should be. And taking from the rich is not an 'economic plan'. 

You can't raise the floor by lowering the ceiling. It's an illusion. The only thing you get that way is a country full of people who've forgotten how to stand up straight.”

Dr. Stephen Finger ran for Congress in 2006 on the Libertarian and Republican Party lines. You can visit his blog at:

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