Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dr. Tom Stevens, OPNY President, Addresses Independence Day Tea Party In Queens, NY

In his capacity as President of the Objectivist Party of New York, Dr. Tom Stevens addressed an Independence Day Tea Party held on July 4, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in Bowne Park located on the corner of 32nd Avenue and 159th Street in Flushing, New York. This Tea Party, which was advertised on four major Tea Party internet listing sites, was organized by John Procida, who currently serves as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Queens County.

Dr. Tom Stevens kicked off his speech by pulling out a Harry Potter-style wand from his pants, which he explained was a magic wand he intended to use to bring about smaller government. He waved the wand demanding smaller government. The crowd cheered but he noted that nothing happened. In turn, he waived the wand for lower taxes, more individual freedoms and for a government that doesn't devalue our currency by printing it and giving it away as if it were going out of style. Each time the patriots cheered but Dr. Stevens noted that nothing happened.

Dr. Stevens went on to explain that nothing happened because magic and mysticism do not work. He explained that the Objectivist Party does not believe in magic and mysticism and that if they wish to see results, they must use their reason and logic to take action and personal responsibility for what is going on in this country. Dr. Stevens stated that attending the Independence Day Tea Party was a good first step but they must do more. He suggested writing letters to the editor, writing to their elected officials, getting involved in liberty-oriented organizations, hosting a local cable television show or working on a particular issue that interests them such as ending the abuses of eminent domain. At that point, the crowd was so aroused they began shouting out eminent domain abuses they knew about.

Dr. Tom Stevens finished his speech by telling the patriots assembled, "This is your country! Take it back!"

After he finished speaking, many in attendance came up to Dr. Stevens offering him resources such as printers and meeting space while others told him they were so motivated that as soon as they got home, they were going to look for ways to remain active in the struggle to restore our liberties.

Other officers of the Objectivist Party of New York also participated at this Independence Day Tea Party. Ronald S. Ramo, Treasurer of the Objectivist Party of New York, was the kick-off speaker. He gave a high energy speech that inspired the patriots in attendance to thunderous applause. Dallwyn Merck, Secretary of the Objectivist Party of New York, was also in attendance. "Who Is John Galt?" tee shirts and "Atlas Will Shrug" posters were clearly visible in the crowd as there was a large Objectivist Party presence at this rally.

Over 90 people were in attendance at this Independence Day Tea Party. The event was covered by the Queens Chronicle and the Fresh Meadows Times, two local papers. The reporters for both papers took photos of Dr. Stevens and asked him for the correct spelling of his name and official title in the Objectivist Party of New York.


  1. I believe that we must be involved with preventing the government from punishing innocent people, via our superior understanding of the law, and the "common law jury" right to trial referenced by the 6th amendment.

    This is often called "due process", but due process is completely misunderstood even by most "objectivists" and "libertarians". Typically, only those who are members of are even pointed in the right direction, and they typically do not fully comprehend the importance of targeting unconstitutional prosecutorial "voir dire" during their activism.

    Moreover, no activism is
    1) systematic (ongoing, and rigorously-scheduled for prospective-juror-arrival times)
    2) measured for # of contacts
    3) measured for # of acquittals
    4) measured for # of perceived acquittals due to activism
    5) videotaped as part of an ever-increasing media propaganda campaign

    Therefore, the public sees the OP, the LP, and the BTP as VALUELESS TO THEM.

    Out of rational self-interest they say to themselves: If they cannot see that they offer us only a lost election, and nothing worth our loyalty, then they are TOO STUPID TO SUPPORT, or GIVE ALLEGIANCE TO.

    Moreover, they are conformist, and want their team to have a chance of winning the presidency. They want to be a part of a larger movement that wins respect and attention. A political party that is battled by both the media and the established power parties will not do this.

    But a MOVEMENT will.

    This is the gist of what is now chapter 6 of my new book, which is in the editing process.

    But the plan has been cemented in my mind for years.

    Jake Witmer

  2. But hey, it was a cool speech, and I'm not a mystic either. At first I was horrified, thinking that you had a mental breakdown and pulled something else out of your pants (which is how I would have expected the media to report the story).