Saturday, May 1, 2010

Alden Link Appoints Jack Roque Of Norwich As Campaign Treasurer

Alden Link, Libertarian Party Candidate for Lt. Governor of New York State in 2010, has appointed Jack Roque of Norwich, New York as his Campaign Treasurer.

After accepting the position, Mr. Roque made the following statement:

It will be an honor to support Alden Link’s campaign for NY Lieutenant Governor. An accomplished & accountable entrepreneur, Alden’s commitment to liberty, family & responsible government is lifelong & enviable. In view of the crumbling state-of-affairs in Albany & beyond, we couldn’t ask for a more appropriate candidate for the position & devotee to the principles of Libertarianism.
If we’re ever to maintain a representative government, for the People, and opportunity for our children & grandchildren, we need to collectively (& loudly) voice our objection to the interventionist policies designed, crafted & implemented by current leadership.

Government, at any level, should not be considered as the benevolent patron, a provider of solutions, but rather the support function for prevailing financial, economic, social & cultural markets.

Jack Roque has a degree in Chemistry from Binghamton University (1988), and an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University (2001), in the fields of Supply Chain & Entrepreneurship.

Jack & family, which include his wife, Jennifer, and two children, Julian, 7, and Alexandra, 5, reside in Norwich, a vibrant town nestled among the beautiful rolling hills of south central NY.

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