Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ex-Con Christopher Cantwell Banned From Libertarian Party Of Queens County Yahoo Group

Ex-Con Christopher Cantwell, who was recently nominated by the Suffolk County Libertarian Party as its candidate for United States Congress from the 1st C.D., has been banned from the Yahoo Group of the Libertarian Party of Queens County for posting defamatory statements and making public threats against Dr. Tom Stevens, LPQC's State Representative.

In a recent post to the LPNY State Committee list, Mr. Cantwell commented that Dr. Tom Stevens "is a clear problem that needs to be solved one way or another" and then went on in other posts to make the most vile defamatory statements that one could possibly make against another individual.

Dallwyn Merck, LPQC Secretary, stated: "While I support free speech to the greatest extent, deliberately malicious, untrue slanders and implied threats against an officer of the Libertarian Party of Queens County cannot and will not be tolerated especially when the person making those threats is an ex-con."

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