Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gary Johnson Draws 72.9% In Presidential Straw Poll At California Libertarian Party Convention

The Libertarian Party of California held its annual convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ventura on May 2-4, 2012. According to a report submitted to the Libertarian National Committee by Daniel Wiener, a Presidential Caucus & Straw Poll was held. Gary Johnson, Scott Keller, James Ogle, Bill Still, Joy Waymire & Lee Wrights gave short speeches, which were followed by a Presidential Straw Poll.

The results of the LPCA Presidential Straw Poll were:

Gary Johnson – 43 votes (72.9%)
R. Lee Wrights – 12 votes (20.3%)
James Ogle – 2 votes (3.4%)
Joy Waymire – 2 votes (3.4%)
Scott Keller – 0 votes (0%)
Bill Still – 0 votes (0%)

There were reports that Jim Libertarian Burns, another announced candidate for the Libertarian Party's Presidential Nomination also made an appearance at the LPCA Convention but that he was only there to hand out literature and left before the Presidential Caucus & Straw Poll was held.


  1. really like Gary J, but not sure he should have linked the results of the straw poll on his twitter account. 72.9% is pretty good, but when you see it is only 43 three votes...

    I could have brought my family and immediate family with their kids and spouses and come in with a convincing second place.

    This said, too bad he could not get a fair shake in the two party system we have. I really think he has the ideology of the majority of Americans, just not the politically active.

    1. The Libertarian Party welcomes new families!

  2. Other candidates might as well pack up and go home, unless they want to jostle each other for the VP nomination.