Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Party Of Michigan Presidential Straw Poll Obtaining 95.007% Of The Total Vote

On Saturday, March 10, 2012, the Libertarian Party of Michigan held its annual Liberty Festival & Libby Awards in addition to holding a Presidential Debate and Libertarian Presidential Straw Poll at the Delhi Cafe in Holt, Michigan. All the announced Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates were invited to participate.

Gary Johnson, Carl Person & Bill Still were in attendance and each gave a 20-minute speech. The results of the Libertarian Presidential Straw Poll were as follows:

Gary Johnson - 6489 votes (95.077%)
R. Lee Wrights - 198 votes (2.901%)
Bill Still - 118 votes (1.729%)
Carl Person - 15 votes (.22%)
R.J. Harris - 3 votes (.044%)
James Ogle - 2 votes (.029%)

No other Libertarian Presidential Candidates received any votes and None Of The Above was not an option. Libertarian Party members in attendance were allowed to cast as many votes as they wanted for any candidate(s) they chose. Each vote cost $1.

The campaign committees of each candidate will receive the money collected for that candidate. Those in attendance received their money that night, while candidates who could not attend will receive their donations in the mail.


  1. Poll after poll, Gary Johnson rate higher and higher in the standings. In this one he totally creamed everybody else. The Libertarian Party and these presidential candidates all respect each other and have not been attacking each other (although there have been some exceptions where some operatives have release negative information). The time has come for the entire field of nominees to throw their support for Gary Johnson and show that we have a unified party. If you doubt that suggestion, scroll back up and look at those percentages.

  2. I'd say 96% "totally creamed" may be an understatent. This may be the biggest straw poll victory for any candidate ever running for the Libertarian Party presidential nominatioin. (And I've been around the LP since the mid-1980s.)

    Eric @

  3. It would be sweet to see Bill Still in some role of a Gary Johnson admin. I really like Bill's views on monetary policy and how things really work, he's also practically a historian on the topic.