Friday, November 1, 2013

John Procida Says Suspicion Of Black Customers Is Rational & Justified

There have been recent news stories regarding shopkeepers being suspicious of black customers who purchased expensive items questioning whether the credit card used was stolen and stopping them to inquire about their purchases. This has given rise to black outrage and calls for the boycotting of the merchants involved. On October 31, 2013, John Procida issued the following statement with respect to these events:

Why are average white sales people suspicious of blacks purchasing outlandishly expensive items? They are simply following the old adage, "when there is smoke, there is fire". What is being demanded by black leaders is that sales people act stupid and never question any customer who is black. Then if there is fraud, I am sure the employer will simply smile and not think bad of the employee. Also, I'm sure the employer will not be upset at the loss no matter how large the loss is, as they have done their civic duty.

Common sense must be abandoned in the New Order.

I feel sorry for the good blacks. Unfortunately, they are carrying a cross made by their own people. The Italians get accused of being in the Mafia all the time. 

I ran and attended Unity Day meetings that our Italian organization held that were 50% attended by Middle Class Blacks from good Middle Class neighborhoods. Those black people had the same aspirations, and fears, that all middle class people have but they were, and still will be, discriminated against because of the black crime rate.

This is a tough world we live in and I do mean world as discrimination for many reasons and for many groups of people exists everywhere.

John Procida serves as Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Queens County. He issued these comments in his individual, and not in his official, capacity.

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