Thursday, November 28, 2013

Scott Baier Appointed Executive Director Of 14 Now!

On November 10, 2013, Scott Christopher Baier was appointed Executive Director of 14 Now!, a Youth Rights Advocacy Organization committed to lowering the voting age to 14, eliminating restrictions on the right of individuals 14 years of age and older to work, ending compulsory education at 14, allowing individuals 14 years of age and older to join the military, and setting the age of consent at 14. Dallwyn Merck served as the group's first Executive Director, from its founding on December 20, 2010 until his recent death.

In accepting the appointment, Scott Baier said:

While serving in my capacity as State Chair of the Personal Freedom Party of New Jersey, I became very familiar with the effective and powerful Youth Rights Advocacy work being done by 14 Now!. I was always impressed by their activism and by the fact that whenever I spoke about the Youth Rights movement, the first group people mentioned to me was 14 Now! It is therefore my honor to accept the position of Executive Director. I will do my best to build on the solid foundation laid by the group's first Executive Director, Dallwyn Merck. I intend to take 14 Now! to the next level by building coalitions of groups in support of each of the five main goals we seek to achieve.

Scott Christopher Baier graduated Toms River High School in the year 2000. He currently lives in Lawrence Township, New Jersey.

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