Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dan Halloran Promises Resources & References To LPQC

On Monday, May 11, 2009, at the Special Nominating Convention of the Libertarian Party of Queens County held at the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant located at 140 2nd Avenue in Manhattan, Dan Halloran received the unanimous endorsement of the LPQC in his run to be elected to the New York City Council from the 19th Councilmanic District.

In light of Halloran's admission he was seeking the endorsement of the Republican Party as well as the Conservative Party, the LPQC leadership sought and obtained two explicit promises from Dan Halloran in return for his receiving the endorsement. The first promise was that he would commit the resources necessary to obtain a sufficient number of valid petition signatures to have the Libertarian Party listed on the ballot in some manner. The second promise was that he would list the Libertarian Party of Queens County endorsement on his literature and website.

Dr. Tom Stevens, LPQC State Representative, made certain Dan Halloran agreed to commit the necessary resources for the upcoming petition drive in light of the fact that the LPQC has had to rely upon paid petitioners in the past in order to secure ballot access. In light of the fact that Mr. Halloran would be circulating petitions to get on the ballot as the representative of other parties, Dr. Stevens obtained Halloran's word that he would not solely rely upon those other parties for ballot access.

Dr. Stevens also explicitly asked Halloran whether the Conservative Party leadership might object to his having obtained the LPQC endorsement and to his listing it on his literature and website. Halloran said he was certain the Conservative Party would have no objections.

After receiving the unanimous endorsement of the LPQC, Halloran welcomed any feedback we might give him with respect to his platform.

Dan Halloran is the newly elected Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus and a member of the Libertarian Party of Queens County.

You can visit Dan Halloran's website for more information at

In Liberty,

Dr. Tom Stevens
LPQC State Representative


  1. Tom, I'm so happy you decided to create a blog! You always have the inside scoop on interesting going ons, political gossip, or important developments in the liberty world, the logical next step would be to share your thoughts on a blog!

  2. Dan did indeed succeed in getting the libertarians on the ballot in the 19th CD and contributed well over 1500 signatures to the citywide candidate of the LP