Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stevens Takes Over LPQC Bookings

After being elected Membership Director of the Libertarian Party of Queens County at their Annual Convention held on April 8, 2006, Dr. Tom Stevens took over responsibility for booking the speakers and events run by the LPQC.

Below is a list of the Guest Speakers, Conventions, Events & Programs he booked for the Libertarian Party of Queens County since April 8, 2006:

LPQC Annual Convention
Jim Lesczynski (Guerrilla Activist)
Dr. Steve Finger (11th C.D. Candidate)
John Clifton (State of the State Address)
Vijay Govindan (Liberty Dollar Speaker)
Dr. Tom Stevens (National LP Update)
Liberty Forum (5-Minute Readings)
Dr. Donald Silberger (LP Candidate for Lt. Governor)
Les Jamieson (New York 9/11 Truth Activist)
LPQC Special Convention
Ralph Rubinek (Gun Owners of America)
Dr. Tom Stevens (Boston Tea Party NY)
Steve Greenfield (Transforming Third Parties)
John Clifton (Clifton Coalition for Ron Paul)
Alden Link (Candidate for the LP Presidential Nomination)
Carl Svensson (Co-Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus in NYS)
John Procida (Downside of Historic Landmark Designations)
Carl Person (Designated NYC A.G. in 9/11 Ballot Initiative)
Ronald S. Ramo (6th C.D. Candidate)
Dan Burke (Co-Founder of We Are Change)
Guy Menahem, Esq. (Should Libertarians Support Open Borders?)
Dallwyn Merck (H.R. 1955 Threat To Domestic Political Activism)
LPQC International Buffet Holiday Brunch (The Views at Mt. Fuji)
LPQC Annual Convention
Valerie Vande Panne (Hemp & The Drug War)
Vlad Averbukh (U.S./Russian Relations)
Rocco Fama (LP Presidential Candidate Update)
John Kenneth Press (Culturism)
Isaiah Matos (Neo-Cons & 14th C.D. Candidate Platform)
Michael W. Reid, Jr. (Report on the LP’s National Convention)
Becky Akers (Transportation Security Administration)
John Chodes (The Lancaster System)
Bob Heaney (New American Independent Party)
Ari Rosmarin (New York Alliance Against The Real ID Act)
Dodge P. Landesman (Term Limits: Pros & Cons)
Andrew Rushford (Campaign For Liberty)
LPQC Holiday Dinner (East Manor Buffet)
LPQC Annual Convention
Rolando Bini (Parents In Action For Leadership & Human Rights)
Liberty Forum (5-Minute Readings)
Isaiah Matos (“End The Fed” Movement)
Tom Evans (“Survivor Zine” Founder & Publisher)
Joseph Dobrian (Candidate for LP Nomination for Mayor)
John Chodes (The 19th Century Worker)
Fred Cookinham (Author of "Age of Rand")

In Liberty,

Dr. Tom Stevens
Membership Director
Libertarian Party of Queens County

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