Friday, April 30, 2010

LPNY Nominates Carl Person For Attorney General

At the State Convention of the Libertarian Party of New York held on Saturday, April 24, 2010 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Albany, New York, Carl Person was nominated by the delegates to be the Libertarian Party candidate for Attorney General this November.

In an interview after receiving the nomination, Carl Person said:

After dropping out of high school, I joined the U.S. Army and became a high speed ship-to-shore radio operator, stationed for 2 years in Okinawa. After that, I graduated from Long Island University (B.A. in political science) and then from Harvard Law School. I worked for several years as a "Wall Street lawyer", and then went out on my own as an individual practitioner, representing small businesses against major corporations. During this period, I was instrumental in creating the paralegal field and obtained a patent (now cited by in others) for my invention of a portable global positioning system that worked from a fixed database of latitudes and longitudes instead of real-time satellite triangulation.

I have specific proposals, many that can be implemented without any new statutes. One of them is to create in New York State a stock market to finance small business, with local investors, for the purpose of expanding local businesses and hiring local employees, and keeping the money in local circulation instead of having local money, after purchases, being moved into the non-local or foreign bank accounts of multi-national corporations.

Also, I want to help municipalities in New York State obtain gainful employment for their residents and work for their small businesses through creating a local task marketplace to help residents make use of the millions of dollars of unused time that exists for the residents and small businesses in each town, village and county in NYS. I estimate that a town of 10,000 residents has about $160,000,000 in unsold time each year (at $30/hour) of unemployeds, underemployeds and persons seeking 2nd and 3rd sources of income. I believe that this task (and small business) database would result in use of at least 25% of the unsold time.

I would also use my office as NYS Attorney General to encourage the federal government to adopt my "The First 3 Are Free" idea to exempt the first 3 employees of every employer from all government regulation (including withholding taxes and payroll reporting requirements) by having them designated as "independent contractors". This simple legislative change by Congress would create millions of new jobs by encouraging small businesses to hire without the complications of compliance with payroll withholding requirements and let employers be FREE to establish their own relationships as to their first 3 employees.

I plan to promote liberty among NYS residents by promoting small business, self employment and economic independence of towns and villages, to enable New Yorkers to offset the nation's and NYS's growing economic problems. I recognize that the powers of the NYS Attorney General are awesome and want to use them for the benefit of New Yorkers, to create opportunity, hope, freedom and liberty for New Yorkers. I plan to take my program to voters throughout NYS by a pickup truck tour in which I will address voters and their concerns from the back of the truck.

Carl Person is a member of the Libertarian Party of New York and the LPUS. He founded the Paralegal Institute and is a delegate to the Libertarian Party's National Convention that will be held in St. Louis, Missouri over Memorial Day Weekend. The only chartered LPNY affiliate to formally endorse Carl Person for Attorney General prior to his receiving the nomination was the Libertarian Party of Queens County. It was Dr. Tom Stevens, the LPQC's State Representative, who recruited Carl Person to run for Attorney General and to seek the nomination of the Libertarian Party of New York.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sam Sloan, Manhattan LP State Representative, Endorses Wayne Allyn Root For National LP Chair

On April 29, 2010, Sam Sloan endorsed Wayne Allyn Root for National LP Chair. Mr. Sloan is the Manhattan Libertarian Party's Representative to the State Committee of the Libertarian Party of New York and a delegate to the upcoming Libertarian Party National Convention that will be held in St. Louis, Missouri over Memorial Day Weekend.

In endorsing Wayne Allyn Root, Mr. Sloan said:

Of the candidates for Chairman of the National Libertarian Party,Wayne Allyn Root is by far the most active and energetic. He constantly appears in the media on radio and TV talk shows. He is the author of several books on Libertarian philosophy. His political talk radio show, The Wayne Allyn Root Show, is broadcast in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. Root is a frequent guest on several nationally syndicated radio shows such as Savage Nation, The Jerry Doyle Show, and Mancow's Morning Madhouse. He has made numerous appearances on various programs on the Fox News Channel. He is a frequent speaker at Tea Party events across the United States. Root's political columns appear in the Las Vegas Review Journal and at I support Wayne Allyn Root for Chairman of the National Libertarian Party.

The effort to organize support for Wayne Allyn Root in New York State has been spearheaded by Dr. Tom Stevens, the State Representative of the Libertarian Party of Queens County, who supported Wayne Root for the Presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party in 2008 after Alden Link dropped out of the race. Alden Link, the Libertarian Party of New York's candidate for Lt. Governor also recently endorsed Wayne Allyn Root.

Two of Root's opponents, George Phillies and Ernie Hancock, have been making great efforts to recruit supporters in New York State. Mr. Phillies was a Guest Speaker at the LPNY's State Convention held in Albany, New York on Saturday, April 24, 2010. Mr. Hancock was a Guest Speaker at the Manhattan Libertarian Party's Annual Convention in January and is the MLP's featured speaker on Monday, May 10, 2010. Mr. Root has been given 15 minutes to speak at the upcoming meeting of the Manhattan Libertarian Party.

For more information on Wayne Allyn Root, visit his website at:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alden Link Endorses Wayne Allyn Root For National LP Chair

On April 27, 2010, Alden Link announced his endorsement of Wayne Allyn Root for National Chair of the Libertarian Party.

Alden Link, who recently obtained the nomination of the Libertarian Party of New York for Lt. Governor, said:

I am proud to support Wayne Allyn Root for National LP Chair and I will cast my vote for him at the Libertarian Party's National Convention, which is scheduled to take place in St. Louis, Missouri over Memorial Day Weekend. Of all the announced candidates for National Chair, I am convinced that only Wayne Allyn Root has the personality and energy to take the Libertarian Party to the next level. He alone can take advantage of the discontent currently being expressed against incumbents everywhere and to bring many of these individuals into the ranks of the Libertarian Party.

I have been very concerned about factions within the Libertarian Party who are supporting bylaw amendments that will have the result of shrinking the party and limiting the participation of its members. There are proposed bylaw amendments that seek to end bi-annual national conventions, that seek to reduce the delegate allocation allotted to each state affiliate and that seek to restrict the number of motions made on the floor by requiring 20 seconds for any motion.

I have not spoken to Wayne Allyn Root about my concerns but I believe that instead of scaling back the size and frequency of national conventions, we need to build party membership so that every delegate spot is filled and so that we will soon need to find larger venues to hold our conventions instead of smaller ones. Only Wayne Allyn Root has the skill and ability to build the party in this manner. I encourage you to visit his website at

Alden Link joins Dr. Tom Stevens, LP Judicial Committee Member, who recently announced his endorsement of Wayne Allyn Root for National LP Chair.

LPNY Nominates Alden Link For Lt. Governor

At the State Convention of the Libertarian Party of New York held on Saturday, April 24, 2010 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Albany, New York, Alden Link was nominated by the delegates to be the Libertarian Party candidate for Lt. Governor this November. Mr. Link will run with Warren Redlich, who obtained the Libertarian Party's nomination for Governor.

In an interview he gave after receiving the nomination, Alden Link said:

I am an entrepreneur, real estate developer and aviator. As a businessman, I am aware how government regulation can stifle the entrepreneurial spirit. As a real estate developer, I understand how eminent domain abuse has gotten out of hand. As an aviator, I feel the spirit of freedom swelling in my heart as I soar through the skies. This feeling inspires me to fight for freedom until the government learns to respect every man's natural right to life, liberty and property. I am my own man, with no political baggage, who owes nothing to any special interest. As the Libertarian Party's candidate for Lt. Governor, I will promote libertarianism with all my heart and hope to make a significant contribution to the cause of liberty.

Regarding economic policy, I intend to work for the elimination of the New York State Income Tax. Taxation is theft. I will seek to shrink the size of New York State government by cutting back on the amount of taxes it collects and the amount of money it can borrow. I will encourage localities to repeal all property taxes that give the government a permanent claim against the land and home you own. I will seek to end the over-regulation of business and barriers to free trade. I want to free up the creative spirit of entrepreneurs to develop new technologies. In short, I believe citizens have a right to keep the money they earn and that they know best how to spend that money. They will then be in a better position to purchase the services they need, to send their children to the schools of their choice, and to save for their retirement. Government involvement interferes with the efficiency of the free market. The more money people keep in their own pockets, the better.

Regarding my social agenda, I am of the belief that people are sovereign over their own bodies and have the right to do with them as they see fit without the interference of a paternalistic government. I would end the War on Drugs and would pardon and expunge the criminal records of all individuals doing time for the use and/or possession of drugs. I would repeal all laws against pornography and all other "victimless crimes". I believe gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender individuals are entitled to full equality under the law regardless of their sexual orientations or perceived gender identify or expression. I believe the government should get out of the business of granting marriage licenses in order to allow people to enter into contractual relationships as they see fit but so long as New York State grants marriage licenses to heterosexual couples, I believe gay couples are entitled to the "equal protection" of the law.

I am honored to be the Libertarian Party's candidate for Lt. Governor and I will work tirelessly to promote the cause of liberty through the remainder of this campaign. My goal is to do my part to help the Libertarian Party obtain the 50,000 votes it needs to obtain minor party status for the next 4 years.

Alden Link is a member of the Libertarian Party of Queens County and the Objectivist Party of New York. He sought the nomination of the Libertarian Party for President in 2008 and was the candidate of the Objectivist Party for Vice-President of the United States in 2008, having appeared on the ballot in Colorado and Florida.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dr. Tom Stevens Celebrates 32 Years In The Benevolent & Protective Order Of Elks

Dr. Tom Stevens was initiated into the Benevolent & Protective Order Of Elks on March 19, 1980. On that day, he became a member of Great Neck Lodge No. 1543, which later merged with the Port Washington Lodge, eventually becoming Great Neck/Port Washington Lodge No. 1543. In 1994, Dr. Stevens left Lodge No. 1543 to become a brother in Queens Borough Lodge No. 878, which is now known as Brooklyn/Queens Lodge #878. It is located at 82-20 Queens Boulevard, Elmhurst, New York 11373-4243.

Thomas Robert Stevens just received his 2010-2011 Member Card indicating he is now in his 32nd year as a member of the Benevolent & Protective Order Of Elks.

A brief history of the Elks follows:

The moving spirit for the Elks was an Englishman named Charles Algernon Sidney Vivian. Born October 22, 1842, this son of a clergyman was a successful comic singer and dancer in the music halls of London. In November 1867, Vivian arrived in New York City to try his fortune.

Other actors and entertainers soon gravitated toward his magnetic personality. With everything closed on Sunday because of New York City Blue Laws, a group of theatrical people began meeting for their own amusement under Vivian's leadership. A loose organization was formed to make sure the larder was well-stocked for these gatherings. They called themselves the Jolly Corks, a name derived from a trick introduced by Vivian in which the uninitiated purchased a round of refreshments.

When one of their members died shortly before Christmas in 1867, leaving his wife and children destitute, the Jolly Corks decided that in addition to good fellowship, they needed a more enduring organization to serve those in need.

On February 16, 1868, they established the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and elected Vivian to head it. Its social activities and benefit performances increased the popularity of the new Order. Membership grew rapidly. Elks traveling to other cities spread the word of the Brotherhood of Elks. Soon there were requests for Elks Lodges in cities other than New York. In response to these appeals, the Elks asked the New York State legislature for a charter authorizing the establishment of a Grand Lodge with the power to establish local Lodges anywhere in the United States. When the Grand Lodge Charter was issued, the founders then received the first local charter as New York Lodge No. 1 on March 10, 1871.

Dissension soon erupted. Legitimate actors headed by George F. McDonald wanted to restrict membership to the theatrical profession. This view was opposed by Vivian and his friends. Taking advantage of Vivian's absence due to an out-of-town engagement, the McDonald group summarily expelled Vivian and several of his closest friends. Years later the Order rectified this illegal act, but it gave rise to a controversy whether Vivian was actually the founder of the Order. In 1897, a formal inquiry firmly established his right to this honored title.

Vivian continued, after his expulsion from the Order, to enchant audiences across the country. He starred with some of the largest road companies of the time. Together with his actress wife, the former Imogene Holbrook, Vivian set up a repertoire theater in Leadville, Colorado. Shortly thereafter he died of pneumonia on March 20, 1880. In 1889, the Elks moved his body from Leadville, Colorado, to Mt. Hope Cemetery, Boston, Massachusetts. Mrs. Vivian received a stipend from the Order her husband founded until her death in 1931.

The legacy of Charles Vivian continues to this day. In addition to aiding members in distress, the Elks raise money for children with disabilities, college scholarships, youth projects and recreational programs for patients in veteran's hospitals.

On June 14, 1907 the Order held a Flag Day observance. This tradition later was declared a national holiday by President Harry S. Truman.

During World War I, the Elks funded and equipped the first two field hospitals in France and built a 72-room community house in Camp Sherman, Ohio, and a 700-bed rehabilitation hospital in Boston, which they turned over to the War Department. They also raised money for the Salvation Army's frontline canteens.

Their loans to 40,000 returning veterans for college, rehabilitation and vocational education were the precursor of the GI Bill.

When World War II broke out, the Elks were the only civilian organization asked to help recruit construction workers for the military, a task that was completed three months ahead of schedule. The Elks also contributed more than half a million books to the Merchant Marines so that their men would have reading material on board ship.

The Korean War again brought out the best in the Elks. They donated more than half a million pints of blood to help wounded soldiers.

When the wounded from Vietnam needed help, the Elks responded. They provided the funds for a recreation pavilion at the Navy Hospital on Guam. The wounded at Tripler Medical Center in Hawaii were sweltering in the heat. When the Elks heard of their plight, they purchased 24 air-conditioning units so these patriots could recuperate in some degree of comfort.

When Operation Desert Storm took place, the Elks again led the support for our fighting men and women in the Persian Gulf. Subordinate Lodges undertook letter-writing campaigns to help keep up the spirits of the defenders of freedom. The Elks were also among the first to welcome them home and thank them for a job well done.