Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stevens Recommends Fred Cookinham's 'The Age Of Rand: Imagining An Objectivist Future World'

Dr. Tom Stevens, Objectivist Party Chair, has recommended that members of the Objectivist Party read The Age of Rand: Imagining An Objectivist Future World written by Fred Cookinham. This book can be bought new or used from at:

Frederick Cookinham offers a series of walking tours called Ayn Rand’s New York. He has been observing the Objectivist and libertarian movements for forty-one years, and has written for several movement magazines. He lives in Queens, New York with his wife, Belen. Visit his website, for more information. Mr. Cookinham earned his Bachelor's Degree in American History at Cortland State College in 1976, and his Master's at Brooklyn College in 1987.

One review of his book, "The Age Of Rand: Imagining An Objectivist Future World", written by Judith Byorick was the following:

Ayn Rand and Objectivism have inspired a substantial and growing number of written works. Most of them deal with either biographical matters or analyses of her philosophy.

This book is different. The Age of Rand assumes at least a working knowledge of Rand's works on the reader's part; to quote from the introduction, "Relating, integrating, finding the connections -- between Rand's past, present and future, her place in the long perspective of history -- that is the purpose of this book."

The author takes Rand's vision and runs with it -- in a number of different directions, speculating on how a future world in which Rand's ideas have been widely or universally adopted might look. But wait -- there's more. This "speculation" about such a future isn't simply fanciful fantasizing based on utopian dreams, but is grounded in a broad and thorough knowledge of history, and is well supported with examples from past events and long-term trends. The book also includes excellent arguments in support of Objectivism, and provides a great deal of practical advice on how to get to the "Age of Rand".

Some of the treats in store for the reader: a superb analysis of the true nature of altruism; and a fascinating synthesis of the minarchist position and the anarchist position guaranteed to generate intense discussion. The book is beautifully written, with a richness, depth, and clarity that make the reading a pleasure. The author doesn't hesitate to criticize Rand where criticism is called for, and certainly doesn't hesitate to improve on the master's work. But such criticisms and improvements are in the details, not in the essentials. Running through every chapter is Cookinham's quiet, steady passion for Rand's vision for life as it might be and ought to be.

Dr. Stevens says: "It is a fast, easy read packed full of interesting historical facts and many ideas about what an Objectivist Future World might look like. I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OPNY, OPPA & OPMA Hold Multi-Affiliate Meeting In Philadelphia

On Sunday, July 19, 2009, the Objectivist Party of New York, Objectivist Party of Pennsylvania and Objectivist Party of Massachusetts held a multi-affiliate meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The event was organized by Dr. Tom Stevens, OPNY President & Objectivist Party Chair, and Joe Rivera, OPMA President & Objectivist Party Vice-Chair.

The day started off with a business meeting over lunch at Vietnam Palace located at 222 North 11th Street in Philadelphia where we all sampled the restaurant's outstanding spring rolls and authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Dr. Stevens suggested "The Voice Of Reason" could be a possible slogan for the Objectivist Party.

OPNY, OPPA & OPMA affiliate members visited the following sites:

Welcome Park
Franklin Court Museum
Liberty Bell
Independence Visitor Center
Congress Hall
Benjamin Franklin's Ghost
Second Bank of the United States
National Liberty Museum
Philosophical Hall
Independence Hall

Affiliate members took a rest and had a snack at Benjamin's Best Cafe Delights. Inside the National Liberty Museum, we saw blown glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly and other miniature glass sculptures by Milon Townsend. While there, we also saw Dale Chihuly's "Flame Of Liberty" as well as a film about how Mr. Chihuly makes his creations. We were all a little shocked to hear Dale Chihuly calls the four round kilns he uses to heat his glass "Glory Holes" but I guess it makes sense.

A big bonus of this multi-affiliate meeting was that we had an opportunity to look at all the beautiful skyscrapers that make up downtown Philadelphia.

OPNJ, OPNY & OPPA Hold Multi-Affiliate Meeting To See Sam Singleton, The Atheist Evangelist, In His New Show 'Patriarchs & Penises'

A multi-affiliate meeting hosted by the Objectivist Party of New Jersey and co-sponsored by the Objectivist Party of New York and the Objectivist Party of Pennsylvania was held on Saturday, July 18, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The main event of the evening was seeing Sam Singleton, the Atheist Evangelist, in his new comedy, Patriarchs & Penises, at the Philadelphia Ethical Society Building (1906 Rittenhouse Square). The two hour play cost only $12.00 and was completely hilarious. More information about Sam Singleton can be found at

Before seeing the play, OPNJ, OPNY and OPPA affiliate members met for dinner at Byblos Restaurant & Bar, which serves Mediterranean gourmet food. While there, some of us, including Dr. Tom Stevens, OPNY President, and Stefan Scherbik, OPNJ Executive Vice-President, used a Hookah for the first time. Smoking from Hookahs and Hookah Bars are the hottest new trend in the country. On the recommendation of the waitress, we tried the "white grape" flavor. All I can say is that it was a unique experience. Byblos Restaurant & Bar is located at 116 South 18th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. More information about this restaurant can be found at

Stefan Scherbik, Executive Vice-President of the Objectivist Party of New Jersey, is responsible for having organized this multi-affiliate meeting. We all appreciate his initiative. Other prominent Objectivist Party leaders in attendance were Neil McGettigan, OPNJ President, Dr. Tom Stevens, OPNY President & Objectivist Party Chair, and Joe Rivera, OPMA President & Objectivist Party Vice-Chair.

Objectivist Party Of New York Adopts Platform

On April 10, 2009, the Executive Committee of the Objectivist Party of New York adopted the following platform:

VICTIMLESS CRIMES – We believe the government has no right to criminalize conduct consensually agreed to between adults that cause no direct harm to others. We believe in people taking responsibility for their own lives and oppose paternalistic government. As a result, we seek the immediate decriminalization of marijuana, prostitution, pornography, gambling and other victimless crimes in New York State.

MONETARY POLICY & TAXATION – We believe the government has no right to cause inflation and devalue our currency by permitting the Federal Reserve to "print money" or by borrowing money in order to balance the budget. We also oppose the large percentage of people's earnings the government takes through taxation. As a first step toward the goal of drastically reducing taxation on a federal, state and local level, we support the institution of a 10% federal flat tax and the elimination of the New York State income tax and all local property taxes.

GAY ISSUES – We believe the government should not discriminate against anyone on the basis of that person's sexual orientation. On a federal level, we support the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and the military's policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". On a New York State level, while our ultimate goal is to get the government out of the marriage business, we support full recognition of gay marriages so long as the government continues to issue marriage certificates to heterosexual couples.

IMMIGRATION - We support the right of all countries to control their own borders and to set the conditions immigrants must meet in order to obtain permanent residence and citizenship. We would give New York State law enforcement officials the power to enforce immigration law and to deport illegal aliens. We would grant immigration preferences to those with special skills; to those who would create jobs; to those who ideologically support free enterprise and respect for individual rights; to those who are committed to the use of science and reason instead of faith and mysticism when evaluating and discovering objective reality; and to those who believe in self-reliance and the pursuit of productive and purposeful lives.

DEFENSE – We believe one of the primary purposes of the federal government is to provide for the national defense. Toward that end, we would support expanding the incentives offered to encourage citizens to join the military and the National Guard. However, we oppose any form of involuntary servitude including the reinstitution of a draft.

CIVIL LIBERTIES – We believe the government must respect the individual and constitutional rights of all citizens including the right to keep and bear arms. We oppose all forms of censorship and invasions of privacy. We believe in the strict separation of church and state and believe "In God We Trust" should be removed from the country's coins and courtrooms.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP & MONUMENTAL PROJECTS – We believe the entrepreneurial spirit should be encouraged by reducing corporate taxation and bureaucratic regulation. We support the identification and development of privately financed grand scale monumental projects that can inspire citizens to lead heroic lives and to contribute more to their civilization.

Monday, July 27, 2009

OPNY & OPPA Hold Multi-Affiliate Meeting Celebrating Space Exploration Day At The Franklin Institute In Philadelphia

The Objectivist Party of New York and Objectivist Party of Pennsylvania held a multi-affiliate meeting celebrating Space Exploration Day (July 20th) by visiting Star Trek: The Exhibition in the Mandell Center at The Franklin Institute located at 222 North 20th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. OPNY and OPPA affiliate members met at 12 noon. Admission cost $23.75 and included access to both Star Trek: The Exhibition and the other permanent and temporary exhibits on view at The Franklin Institute.

Star Trek: The Exhibition featured the world's most comprehensive collection of authentic Star Trek objects and transported visitors into parallel universes of the future and past. This 12,500 foot exhibition, an amalgamation of all five television and ten film series spanning over 40 years, was the ultimate opportunity to connect with iconic Star Trek moments and characters, while celebrating the creative spirit of science fiction and science that gave rise to many of today's modern marvels. A good part of the exhibition was devoted to the men and women who have actually achieved their own milestones in space exploration.

Since affiliate members already paid for admission to The Franklin Institute, they decided to visit some of the other exhibits which included the following:

Benjamin Franklin National Memorial
Amazing Machine
Franklin Air Show
Race: Are We So Different?
Giant Heart
Train Factory
Space Command

Before leaving for the day, OPNY and OPPA affiliate members could not resist walking down to the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Rodin Museum & Garden located at Benjamin Franklin Parkway & 22nd Street. The Rodin Museum, a gift of Jules Mastbaum (1872-1926) to his native city of Philadelphia, contains more than 120 sculptures representing every aspect of Auguste Rodin's career and all of his major projects. It was breathtaking!

While seeing off some OPNY members who were returning to New York City by train, OPNY & OPPA affiliate members visited 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is also known as Pennsylvania Station. While in there, we visited the “Spirit of Transportation” sculpture. The accompanying plaque for this sculpture, which is inside the 30th Street Station, reads:

This panel, the conception and work of Karl Bitter, was executed in 1895 and placed in the waiting room of Broad Street Station, Philadelphia, from which place it was removed to this site in January, 1955. The Spirit of Transportation is represented in triumphal procession of progress led by a little child carrying a model of an airship, a prophetic vision of a mode of transportation to come.

Pennsylvania Station (also known as 30th Street Station) and the Spirit of Transportation sculpture were both quite impressive!

Robert Jonathan Bertram Appointed Massachusetts Coordinator For Stonewall Libertarians

On July 26, 2009, Robert Jonathan Bertram of Great Barrington was appointed Massachusetts Coordinator for Stonewall Libertarians.

In accepting this new position, Mr. Bertram said:

I am fortunate to be appointed Massachusetts coordinator for Stonewall Libertarians. I anticipate that this will be a good step forward and that there will be many opportunities in the future to promote political and social acceptance of those who may deviate from "cultural" or "societal" norms. One of my goals is to promote the use of logicality and rationality in the political system and in society as a whole, and being given the opportunity to coordinate Stonewall Libertarians Massachusetts is one step forward towards making societal norms more logical and rational, and eliminating the unnecessary barriers of racism and hostility towards those not traditionally fully socially accepted. I do not think I need to state who such groups are, for categorizing such people would be a show of prejudice and unfair bias in itself. But when given opportunities to progress the principle of acceptance, both politically and socially, they will be taken.

Stonewall Libertarians, founded on April 20, 1996, is an independent organization of libertarians who believe in being politically active to promote smaller government, lower taxes and more individual freedom. They exist to reach out to all libertarians who are perceived to deviate from the norms of society and to promote tolerance and equality in the Libertarian Party and in society at large. Stonewall Libertarians seeks to be a catalyst to expand the base of the libertarian movement in the United States by bringing together a vast coalition of those who believe in personal freedom.

Stonewall Libertarians Makes Coordinator Changes

Effective July 27, 2009, a number of changes were made to the Coordinator listings on the website of Stonewall Libertarians.

Robbie Greenberger (appointed 4/6/07) was removed as the listed Connecticut Coordinator due to his having passed away and Christine Smith (appointed 12/8/06) was removed as the listed Colorado Coordinator in light of her having resigned.

Robert Jonathan Bertram (appointed 7/26/09) was added as the new Massachusetts Coordinator for Stonewall Libertarians.

In addition to these changes, Derek J. Hanson (appointed 7/18/06) was removed as Illinois Coordinator, Joe Nightwalker (appointed 8/2/06) was removed as Oklahoma Coordinator, John Reid (appointed 12/14/06) was removed as Florida Coordinator, and Rocco Fama (appointed 4/19/07) was removed as Vice-President of Stonewall Libertarians New York.

The Stonewall Libertarians website can be viewed at

Dallwyn Merck Elected President Of Stonewall Libertarians New York

On July 27, 2009, Dallwyn Merck was elected President of Stonewall Libertarians New York replacing Jeff Grizlo, who served as SLNY President since the chapter was chartered on August 4, 2006. Mr. Merck served as Executive Vice-President of Stonewall Libertarians New York from August 4, 2006 through July 27, 2009 when he assumed the Presidency.

In accepting the position, Dallwyn Merck said:

I am honored to have been elected President of Stonewall Libertarians New York. Jeff Grizlo has done an amazing job as President over these past three years and I have learned a lot having served as his Executive Vice-President. I am ready to hit the ground running and to expand the influence and promote the goals of this fine organization.

Dallwyn Merck also serves as Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Queens County, Secretary of the Objectivist Party of New York, and as a Governing Board member of the Objectivist Party.

Stonewall Libertarians, founded on April 20, 1996, is an independent organization of libertarians who believe in being politically active to promote smaller government, lower taxes and more individual freedom. They exist to reach out to all libertarians who are perceived to deviate from the norms of society and to promote tolerance and equality in the Libertarian Party and in society at large. Stonewall Libertarians seeks to be a catalyst to expand the base of the libertarian movement in the United States by bringing together a vast coalition of those who believe in personal freedom.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stevens Discovers Joan Miro At The Barnes Foundation

While visiting the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. Tom Stevens came upon a painting by Joan Miro he thought looked like it might have come from a surrealist artist but was, in fact, something completely different.

Joan Miro i Ferra (April 20, 1893 - December 25, 1983) was a Spanish Catalan painter, sculptor and ceramist born in Barcelona, Spain. Earning international acclaim, his work has been interpreted as Surrealism, a sandbox for the subconscious mind, a re-creation of the childlike, and a manifestation of Catalan pride. In numerous interviews dating from the 1930s onwards, Miro expressed contempt for conventional painting methods and declared an "assassination of painting" in favor of upsetting the visual elements of established painting.

Young Miro was drawn towards the arts community that was gathering in Montparnasse and in 1920 moved to Paris. There, under the influence of the poets and writers, he developed his unique style: organic forms and flattened picture planes drawn with a sharp line. Generally thought of as a Surrealist because of his interest in automatism and the use of sexual symbols, Miro's style was influenced in varying degrees by Surrealism and Dada, yet he rejected membership in any artistic movement in the interwar European years. Andre Breton, the founder of Surrealism, described him as "the most Surrealist of us all".

Photos of his paintings have been uploaded to the Joan Miro Facebook Group located at:

The Facebook Group currently has 1,291 members. I hope you choose to join it.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lou Perrotta Removed As Treasurer Of Stonewall Libertarians New York

On July 25, 2009, Lou Perrotta was removed as Treasurer of Stonewall Libertarians New York due to his ceasing to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of his office.

In his capacity as an officer of Stonewall Libertarians New York, Lou Perrotta was responsible for the following:

to reach out to those in the G.L.B.T. community and to others who are gay-friendly to encourage those with libertarian philosophical leanings to become more politically active,

to influence the cultural norms of society to provide greater acceptance of all who may be considered different and to create a more receptive atmosphere for libertarian ideas,

to speak out whenever public officials, public figures or those with leadership positions in political parties make derogatory statements or anti-gay slurs against any individual,

to end governmental interference and discrimination against those perceived to be living a life deviating from the norms of society, and

to sponsor and co-sponsor events that bring together libertarian and libertarian-leaning individuals who are G.L.B.T., gay-friendly and/or tolerant of those with alternative lifestyles.

Jeff Grizlo, President of Stonewall Libertarians New York, made the following comment about Lou Perrotta's service as Treasurer:

Lou Perrotta, a self-described bi-sexual, was appointed Treasurer of Stonewall Libertarians New York upon the recommendation of Dr. Tom Stevens, who founded Stonewall Libertarians. Lou was a clean-cut, energetic, charismatic young man who showed great leadership potential and was extremely enthusiastic about his new post. Dr. Stevens and Mr. Perrotta became fast friends and I know they got together often, went to political events and on at least one occasion took a weekend trip to Rockland County to visit the grave of John Charles Fremont, which is located in Rockland Cemetery.

Over time, Lou seemed to lose interest in fulfilling the responsibilities of his office. The clean-cut image was gone and he seemed to be developing other interests. We kept him in the position of Treasurer in the hopes he would rediscover his enthusiasm. However, this did not happen and we had no choice but to remove him from his position for dereliction of duty.

I have seen this happen before. Someone with great leadership potential loses interest because they start smoking more pot than they should or become addicted to meeting anonymous sexual partners through Craig's List. One guy gained such a reputation he came to be known only as "bottom boy". I have no idea what caused Lou Perrotta's decline but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't something similar.

Lou Perrotta was first appointed to the position of Treasurer of Stonewall Libertarians New York on June 15, 2007.

The History Of The USS Aryan Star

The below is a full history of the USS Aryan Star, a sci-fi fandom ship first commissioned by The New Federation on November 13, 2004. The ship transferred its affiliation to the International Federation of Trekkers on June 2, 2006 and formally dissolved on July 31, 2009. The USS Aryan Star had the following two Commanding Officers: Dr. Tom Stevens, who served from November 13, 2004 to May 30, 2006, and Jeff Grizlo, who served from May 30, 2006 to July 31, 2009.
At a meeting of The New Federation, a Star Trek & Sci-Fi Fan Organization, held on Saturday, November 13, 2004, Paul DiMuzio, President of The New Federation promoted Dr. Tom Stevens to Rear Admiral and designated him Starfleet Commander. Mr. DiMuzio also elevated Jeff Grizlo to the rank of Ensign. At that meeting, Mr. DiMuzio announced that The Federation Council has commissioned a new ship with Dr. Tom Stevens as its Commanding Officer. Dr. Tom Stevens then announced that the name of the new ship would be USS Aryan Star. Dr. Stevens announced the promotion of Jeff Grizlo in rank from Ensign to full Lieutenant. He also stated that Mr. Grizlo has been appointed by him to serve as the ship's Executive Officer and that he will also serve in the position of General Assembly Representative. It was also announced that the USS Aryan Star would be a Sovereign Class ship containing a crew of genetically engineered humans who have superior power, intellect, health, virility and looks. Paul DiMuzio, President of The New Federation, announced that the USS Aryan Star has been granted the exclusive responsibility to patrol the Gamma Quadrant on behalf of The New Federation.

Later in the day on Saturday, November 13, 2004, the USS Aryan Star held its first business meeting. Dr. Tom Stevens and Jeff Grizlo were in attendance. It was determined at that meeting that the USS Aryan Star would be a time ship equipped with ablative armour, phase cloaking, and stealth technology. While patrolling the Gamma Quadrant, it was determined that the ship's goals would include establishing colonies and outposts throughout the quadrant that will better enable the crew to maximize their pleasure and fortunes. Allies will be sought out as friends and trading partners. It was also decided that all members of the ship's genetically enhanced human crew will have a life span of between 200-250 years and that in addition to crew members having enhanced strength, intelligence, health, virility and looks, that the male members of the crew will be be particularly well-endowed.

The Holiday Party & Commissioning Ceremony for the USS Aryan Star was held on Sunday, December 12, 2004 at the Milleridge Inn in Jericho, New York. Crew members in attendance were Dr. Tom Stevens, Jeff Grizlo and Helena Stone. It was announced that the ship number would be NCC-71169.

On Saturday January 15, 2005, on the recommendation of Dr. Tom Stevens, Commanding Officer of the USS Aryan Star and Starfleet Commander of The New Federation, the Federation Council appointed Jeff Grizlo, Executive Officer of the USS Aryan Star to serve as Vice-Commander of Starfleet .

On Saturday, January 15, 2005, the crew of the USS Aryan Star went to dinner at Hooters. After dinner, they saw the movie Elektra.

On Sunday, February 6, 2005, Jason Fausone of the USS Maximus was transferred to the USS Aryan Star with the permission of Paul Di Muzio, the Commanding Officer of the USS Maximus. It was agreed that Mr. Fausone would keep the position of Counsellor (which is not an officership position on the USS Aryan Star) and that his current rank and position will not be altered until after Shore Leave in July, 2005.

On Tuesday, February 8, 2005, Paul Di Muzio, President of the New Federation, appointed Jeff Grizlo to the voting position of Secretary General of the New Federation. In that capacity, he was to be responsible for taking minutes at Federation Council meetings. Mr. Grizlo replaced Jason Fausone in that capacity on the Federation Council so the position remains one held by a crew member of the USS Aryan Star. Both before and after the agreement to appoint Jeff Grizlowas made in conjunction with the terms associated with obtaining the transfer of Jason Fausone from the USS Maximus to the USS Aryan Star, Paul DiMuzio extracted additional conditions from Dr. Stevens in return for Jeff's appointment. The first was that Jeff Grizlo would have to be replaced as the USS Aryan Star's General Assembly Representative and that by August 8, 2005, Dr. Stevens would have to replace Jeff Grizlo as Vice-Commander of Starfleet.

On Tuesday, February 8, 2005, Dr. Tom Stevens, Commanding Officer of the USS Aryan Star, approved the transfer of Lieutenant Helena Stone to the USS Surv1, a newly commissioned ship in The New Federation, where she will serve in the position of Second Officer.

On Friday, February 18, 2005, Jeff Grizlo was replaced as Vice-Commander of Starfleet with Captain Orlando Medina, the Commanding Officer of the USS Surv 1.

On Sunday, February 27, 2009, Mark Matonti was appointed Second Officer of the USS Aryan Star and granted the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

On Sunday, March 6, 2005, the USS Aryan Star decided that the ship's slogan would be "Carpe Diem", which means Seize The Day in English.

On Wednesday, March 16, 2005, it was learned that Jason Fausone, who recently sought a transfer to the USS Aryan Star, has been in secret negotiations with the Commanding Officer of the USS Maximus to return to that ship. It is unknown whether he will be accepted. Paul DiMuzio, President of The New Federation, stated that re-acceptance would occur under two conditions. The first is that Jason Fausone be demoted to the rank of Ensign, which Dr. Stevens did. The second was that the Command Staff of the USS Maximus needed to vote as to whether to accept him back. Pending that vote, Dr. Stevens, Commanding Officer of the USS Aryan Star, ordered XO Grizlo to stuff Jason Fausone into an escape pod and to jettison him into space with 48 hours of oxygen. Grizlo informed the USS Maximus they could choose to pick him up and save him if they wish.

On Friday, July 8, 2005, The New Federation joined Starfleet, IFT, PPI, Starfleet Command, STAT, and the Baltimore Science Fiction Society in co-sponsoring a dinner held in conjunction with Shore Leave 27 at the Silver Spring Mining Company in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Deborah Sprouse, Vice-President of The New Federation and Captain of the USS Antares, was in attendance, as was Rear Admiral Dr. Tom Stevens, Starfleet Commander of The New Federation and the Commanding Officer of the USS Aryan Star.

On Friday, July 22, 2005, the USS Aryan Star and the USS Maximus co-sponsored a dinner at Harvest Buffet in Great Neck, New York celebrating Space Exploration Day (July 20th) which commemorates the day Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.

For the 2005-2006 football season, the ship's Fantasy Football Team, the Well Endowed Aryans, joined the Smash Mouth Fantasy Football League sponsored by Yahoo Sports. Unfortunately, our team ended up in 12th place with a record of 4 wins and 9 loses. Jeff Grizlo's personal fantasy football team was called Bent Wankers.

On Tuesday, August 16, 2005, the USS Aryan Star adopted "Semper Erectus" as the ship's new motto.

On Saturday, August 13, 2005, the crews of the USS Maximus, USS Aryan Star and IFT's USS Rebel Crusader went to see the movie The Great Raid.

On Saturday, October 15, 2005, the crews of the USS Maximus, USS Aryan Star and IFT's USS Rebel Crusader attended The Killing Kompany's Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Show 'The Oktoberfest Murders! at Pier 1 at 33 Bayville Avenue in Bayville, New York.

On Tuesday, May 30, 2006, Dr. Tom Stevens resigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Aryan Star. Jeff Grizlo, who served as Executive Officer, was appointed as the new Commanding Officer.

On Thursday, June 1, 2006, Derek J. Hanson, the former Information Services Officer of the USS Rebel Crusader, joined the crew of the USS Aryan Star as Chief Science Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade 3. Mr. Hanson's IFT membership eventually expired.

On Thursday, June 1, 2006, Jeff Grizlo, Commanding Officer of the USS Aryan Star, received word that the Commanding Officers of the USS Rebel Crusader and the USS Coyote consented to the ship's admission into the International Federation of Trekkers. Mr. Grizlo informed the crew that Suffolk County was part of the territory their ships patrolled and that, pursuant to an Agreement entered into between those ships, both CO's needed to give their OK before new ships were permitted entry into the IFT. On behalf of the crew of the USS Aryan Star, Mr. Grizlo thanked Dr. Tom Stevens, Commanding Officer of the USS Rebel Crusader, and Allan Landow, Commanding Officer of the USS Coyote, for agreeing to allow the USS Aryan Star to join the International Federation of Trekkers. Mr. Grizlo stated the ship will miss its our old affiliation with The New Federation, which held great potential that was never quite realized. Mr. Grizlo had served on the USS Rebel Crusader as Helmsman & Weapons Officer.

On Friday, June 2, 2009, the following message was received by Russ Haslage, President of the International Federation of Trekkers:

The collapse of an organization calling themselves the New Federation has brought a chapter to the true Federation and I am proud to announce their commissioning. All HQ offices, please welcome the new chapter and crew and avail your services to them.


The USS REBEL CRUSADER and USS COYOTE have both agreed to allow the new ship to join the Federation fleet and all three will together work for the good of the Federation which is guided by the Roddenberrydream as he instilled it into IFT.


In Honor of the Fleet,

Russ Haslage,
International Federation of Trekkers

On Friday, June 2, 2006, Russ Haslage, President of the International Federation of Trekkers, informed the USS Aryan Star that they were commissioned as NCC-71169, which is the same number they were commissioned under by The New Federation. Jeff Grizlo was also informed that while new ship captains in IFT are usually started off with the rank of Commander 3, that IFT will respect the rank of Captain granted to him by Dr. Tom Stevens, Starfleet Commander of The New Federation, and will assign him the rank of Captain 3.

On Sunday, June 4, 2006, Dallwyn Merck joined the crew of the USS Aryan Star as Second Officer with the rank of Ensign 1. On Sunday, June 18, 2006, Dallwyn Merck was promoted in rank from Ensign 1 to Lieutenant Junior Grade 3. On Tuesday, August 1, 2006, Dallwyn Merck was promoted in rank from Lieutenant Junior Grade 3 to Lieutenant Junior Grade 2. On Sunday, August 20, 2006, Dallwyn Merck was promoted in rank from Lieutenant Junior Grade 2 to Lieutenant Junior Grade 1.

On Wednesday, June 21, 2006, Kirk Dolinski joined the crew of the USS Aryan Star as Security Chief with the rank of Ensign 1.

On Tuesday, July 18, 2006, Nathan Schell joined the crew of the USS Aryan Star as Engineering Chief with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade 3.

For the 2006-2007 football season, the ship's Fantasy Football Team, the Aryan Augments, joined the Rock Hard & Ready Fantasy Football League sponsored by Yahoo Sports. Our team finished the season in third place with a record of 11 wins and 3 loses. In the first round of the play-offs, the second place Ten Inch Boy Wonders beat the third place Aryan Augments by a score of 88 to 87. In the second round of the play-offs, the fourth place Oklahoma Jackhammers beat the third place Aryan Augments by a score of 93 to 88 leaving the Aryan Augments in 4th place overall.

On Tuesday, August 29, 2006, the USS Aryan Star was forced to drop its motto "Semper Erectus" in order to comply with the request of Russ Haslage, IFT President, to "clean up" our Home Page for "family" consumption. On Saturday, September 9, 2006, the ship was forced to drop the reference on our Yahoo Group Home Page that "the males on our crew are particularly well-endowed". We have made this change to comply with the oppressive restrictions that have been promoted by IFT in the name of "family values". In response to these incidents, the ship adopted the following as its favorite quotation: "Better to Reign in Hell than Serve in Heaven!", which came out of Satan's mouth in John Milton's Paradise Lost.

On Sunday, January 7, 2007, Jeff Grizlo was informed by Russ Haslage, President of the International Federation of Trekkers, that the IFT Federation Council promoted him in rank from Captain 3 to Captain 2.

On Thursday, April 19, 2007, Dallwyn Merck was promoted from Second Officer to Executive Officer and promoted in rank from Junior Lieutenant 3 to Junior Lieutenant 1. Also on this date, Jesse Greene joined the crew as Second Officer with the rank of Ensign 1.

For the 2007-2008 football season, the ship's Fantasy Football Team, the Aryan Starfighters, joined the PPI Fantasy Football League sponsored by Yahoo Sports. Our team finished the season in third place with a record of 9 wins and 5 loses. In the first round of the play-offs, the third place Aryan Starfighters beat the second place Spartan Warriors by a score of 97 to 66. In the second round of the play-offs, the first place Freedom Crusaders beat the third place Aryan Starfighters by a score of 76 to 70 leaving the Aryan Augments in 2nd place overall.

On Sunday, September 28, 2008, Mark Lockwood joined the crew of the USS Aryan Star in the position of Information Services Officer with the rank of Ensign 1.

For the 2008-2009 football season, the ship's Fantasy Football Team, the Aryan Starfighters, joined the Objectivist Party Fantasy Football League sponsored by Yahoo Sports. Unfortunately, our team ended up in 11th place with a record of 3 wins and 11 loses.

On Saturday, February 14, 2009, Nathan Schell, the Engineering Chief aboard the USS Aryan Star, transferred to the USS Rebel Crusader where he will serve as their Chief Science Officer.

Since joining the International Federation of Trekkers, the USS Aryan Star sponsored and attended a number of interesting events which included going to the following places, movies, restaurants and conventions:

06/10/06 - The Belmont Stakes (138th Running)
06/17/06 - Playland (Rye, New York)
06/20/06 - The New York Botanical Garden
06/25/06 - Charles Darwin Exhibit (AMNH)
06/25/06 - Cosmic Collisions (Hayden Planetarium)
06/25/06 - Amazing Caves (IMAX)
06/27/06 - Superman Returns (Movie)
07/07/06 - Shore Leave 28 (Hunt Valley, MD) (3 days)
07/07/06 - Pool Party (Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn)
07/08/06 - Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Movie)
07/22/06 - Space Exploration Day Celebration (Century Diner Buffet)
07/22/06 - My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Movie)
07/29/06 - New York Hall Of Science
08/05/06 - Mohegan Sun (Casino)
08/05/06 - Paul Anka (Concert)
08/08/06 - Jacques Brel Is Alive & Well & Living In Paris (Musical)
08/13/06 - The Fantasticks (Musical)
08/16/06 - The History Boys (Play)
08/19/06 - New York Renaissance Faire
08/26/06 - Snakes On A Plane (Movie)
08/30/06 - Avenue Q (Musical)
09/03/06 - The Lieutenant Of Inishmore (Play)
09/17/06 - Hard Rock Cafe (Times Square)
09/17/06 - Monty Python's Spamalot (Musical)
09/30/06 - Kohler-Kon II Collectibles Show
10/09/06 - American Museum Of The Moving Image
10/09/06 - Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (Movie)
10/28/06 - Forest Of Fear (Tuxedo, NY)
11/11/06 - Nassau County Firefighters Museum
11/12/06 - Altar Boyz (Musical)
11/18/06 - Naked Boys Singing! (Musical)
11/19/06 - American Airpower Museum (Republic Airport)
11/25/06 - Flight 587 Memorial (Rockaway, NY)
12/02/06 - Queens Museum of Art
12/30/06 - Christmas Decorations Holiday Hunt
02/16/07 - Farpoint 2007 (Hunt Valley, MD) (3 days)
02/22/07 - Washington's Birthday Celebration (Harvest Buffet)
03/03/07 - James Doohan's Birthday Celebration (Lenny's Pizzeria)
03/15/07 - 300 (Movie)
03/17/07 - St. Patrick's Day Celebration (Santoor Indian Restaurant)
03/22/07 - William Shatner's Birthday Celebration (Harvest Buffet)
03/31/07 - Floyd Bennett Field
03/31/07 - Aqueduct Raceway Flea Market
03/31/07 - Ewan McGregor's Birthday Celebration (Empire Buffet)
04/06/07 - Billy Dee Williams' Birthday Celebration (Jackson Hole)
04/14/07 - Fort Totten Historic Tour
04/21/07 - Astroland (Coney Island)
04/21/07 - Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park (Coney Island)
05/19/07 - Queens Botanical Garden
06/16/07 - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Movie)
06/25/07 - Shrek The Third (Movie)
06/29/07 - Live Free or Die Hard (Movie)
07/06/07 - Star Trek Meetup (Paddy McGee's)
07/21/07 - Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (Movie)
07/21/07 - Jon Lovitz' Birthday Celebration (Ayhan's Shish-Kebab)
07/26/07 - Hairspray (Movie)
07/26/07 - Stanley Kubrick's Birthday Celebration (Old Country Buffet)
08/04/07 - The Bourne Ultimatum (Movie)
09/08/07 - Fly In 2007 (Floyd Bennett Field)
09/29/07 - Kohler-Kon 3 (Bantry Bay Pub/Cork Hall)
09/29/07 - Madeline Kahn's Birthday Celebration (Sizzler)
10/14/07 - Elizabeth: The Golden Age (Movie)
11/21/07 - New York Transit Museum
01/04/08 - National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (Movie)
02/09/08 - The Fantasticks (Musical)
03/07/08 - Triumph of the Human Spirit (Sculpture)
04/12/08 - Tiny Tim's Birthday Celebration (Yan Jing Buffet)
04/26/08 - Man of La Mancha (Musical)
05/16/08 - The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian (Movie)
06/05/08 - Iron Man (Movie)
07/19/08 - Meet Dave (Movie)
08/09/08 - Queens Zoo (Flushing Meadows/Corona Park)
08/09/08 - Carousel (Flushing Meadows/Corona Park)
08/16/08 - Brooklyn Museum
08/16/08 - Brooklyn Botanic Garden
08/16/08 - Steve Carell's Birthday Celebration (Century Diner Buffet)
08/23/08 - Bayport Aerodrome Fly-In
08/23/08 - Bayport Aerodrome Museum
08/23/08 - Long Island Early Fliers Museum (Bayport Aerodrome)
08/23/08 - Sheep Shagger Baaa! (Bayport Aerodrome)
08/31/08 - Queens County Farm Museum
08/31/08 - The Adriance Farmhouse (Queens County Farm Museum)
08/31/08 - Hay Ride (Queens County Farm Museum)
08/31/08 - Buddy Hackett's Birthday Celebration (Subway)
09/06/08 - Bangkok Dangerous (Movie)
09/13/08 - Alley Pond Environmental Center
09/20/08 - Belmont Raceway (Belmont Park)
10/04/08 - An American Carol (Movie)
11/07/08 - Changeling (Movie)
11/22/08 - A Christmas Tale (Movie)
12/13/08 - Milk (Movie)
12/21/08 - Holiday Dinner (East Manor Buffet)
12/27/08 - Marley & Me (Movie)
01/10/09 - The Unborn (Movie)
02/08/09 - The Rockefeller Center Tour
02/08/09 - The Cathedral of Saint Patrick
02/21/09 - Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail (Movie)
03/07/09 - The Cloisters Museum & Gardens
03/08/09 - General Grant National Memorial (Grant's Tomb)
04/14/09 - Dragonball: Evolution (Movie)
05/14/09 - Star Trek (Movie)
05/17/09 - X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Movie)
05/30/09 - Terminator Salvation (Movie)
06/02/09 - Up (Movie)
06/05/09 - Land Of The Lost (Movie)
06/07/09 - The Hangover (Movie)

On Wednesday, July 22, 2009, the crew of the USS Aryan Star voted unanimously to dissolve the ship effective Friday, July 31, 2009. Jeff Grizlo announced he was resigning his membership in the International Federation of Trekkers effective July 31, 2009 and that the following crew members were transferring their IFT memberships to the USS Rebel Crusader where they will retain their rank and be assigned the position of Crew Member:

Dallwyn Merck (Junior Lieutenant 1)
Jesse Greene (Ensign 1)
Kirk Dolinski (Ensign 1)
Mark Lockwood (Ensign 1)

On Friday, July 31, 2009, the USS Aryan Star formally dissolved.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jeff Grizlo Resigns As Second Officer Of The ISS Takei & As A Member Of The Pride Power Imperium

On July 24, 2009, Jeff Grizlo resigned as Second Officer of the ISS Takei, a fandom ship in the Pride Power Imperium with a crew exclusively made up of Gay Male Star Trek Fans. He also simultaneously resigned his membership in the Pride Power Imperium. The Pride Power Imperium is a Star Trek/Sci-Fi fan association dedicated to celebrating the diversity present in the universe and to encouraging tolerance within fandom and society.

Jeff Grizlo first joined the Pride Power Imperium on February 19, 2005 and was appointed Executive Officer of the USS Surak. On February 25, 2005, he was appointed Fleet Admiral of the Pride Power Imperium and two days later arranged for Matt Gelfman, the Commanding Officer of the USS Sheridan, to take on the responsibilities of webmaster for the Pride Power Imperium.

At the time of Mr. Gelfman's appointment as webmaster, Grizlo said:

I am extremely pleased to have Matt serving as webmaster for the Pride Power Imperium at the same time I am serving as PPI's Fleet Admiral. Matt and I have a special bond and chemistry that has made us inseparable on all levels. Our relationship transcends all societal boundaries. We have shared everything with each other and have gone places where no man has gone before. I look forward to working closely with him in his new position.

On February 26, 2005, Jeff Grizlo resigned as Executive Officer of the USS Surak and on March 11, 2005, he was transferred to the USS Damar to take over that ship as Commanding Officer. On August 13, 2007, Mr. Grizlo resigned as Fleet Admiral of the Pride Power Imperium and on August 22, 2007, he was transferred to the ISS Spartan Force to take over as that ship's Security Chief.

On September 15, 2007, Jeff Grizlo requested a transfer to the ISS Takei, which has a crew made up exclusively of Gay Male Star Trek Fans. His request was granted and he was assigned the position of Second Officer aboard that ship.

At the time of his appointment as Second Officer aboard the ISS Takei, Grizlo said:

I am grateful the Pride Power Imperium has chartered a fandom ship exclusively for gay males. I definitely feel more comfortable serving aboard a ship of Star Trek fans who also have a primary interest in having sex with other men. That is a great starting point for a successful ship since the crew members have common interests. I only wish Matt Gelfman were still in PPI. If he were, he would be very excited to hear about the chartering of the ISS Takei.

Jeff Grizlo was a proud member of Pride Power Imperium. He will be missed.

In Service,

Dr. Tom Stevens
Supreme Commander
Pride Power Imperium

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jeff Grizlo Resigns As Executive Vice-President Of The Objectivist Party Of New York

On July 22, 2009, Jeff Grizlo resigned as Executive Vice-President of the Objectivist Party of New York. He served in that capacity since the Objectivist Party of New York was chartered on June 7, 2008.

In commenting on his service as OPNY Executive Vice-President, Grizlo said:

As Executive Vice-President, I had the honor of serving directly under Dr. Tom Stevens, President of the Objectivist Party of New York. Besides working closely with me in a political and professional capacity, Dr. Stevens has also been a close personal friend and mentor. When I met him, I was hanging out with friends, living a purposeless life and deeply influenced by my fear of God. He provided me with direction, taught me to use reason and to free myself from superstition and mysticism. At first I resisted. The path Tom offered was a difficult one. He was prepared to devote a large amount of time to me if I would fully commit myself to the effort. I soon realized what an extraordinary opportunity he was offering to me. I had few professional, leadership or social skills but Tom saw I had potential and believed in me. I trusted him and doing so has changed my life. So although I am resigning as Executive Vice-President of the Objectivist Party of New York, I look forward to continuing to serve with Dr. Tom Stevens on the Governing Board of the Objectivist Party.

Jeff Grizlo has been a member of the Objectivist Party since its founding on February 2, 2008.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stevens & Rivera Hold Objectivist Party "Strategy Session" In The National Liberty Museum In Philadelphia

Dr. Tom Stevens, Chair of the Objectivist Party, and Joe Rivera, Vice-Chair of the Objectivist Party, met on Sunday, July 19, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. in the National Liberty Museum located at 321 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a "Strategy Session" held around Dale Chihuly's "Flame of Liberty", a blown glass sculpture that is prominently displayed in the museum.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Objectivist Party to meet in person and to discuss strategies for increasing the influence of the Objectivist Party in the political and cultural arenas of the countries in which the party has members.

Dr. Stevens said, "The National Liberty Museum was a perfect location for holding a Strategy Session for the Objectivist Party. Its exhibits are dedicated to the promotion of liberty and to honoring heroism."

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OPNY Affiliate Members Visit Tourist Attractions In Maryland & New Jersey

Objectivist Party of New York affiliate members attending the Objectivist Party's Multi-Affiliate Meeting and Pool Party in Maryland on July 10, 2009 decided to visit a few tourist attractions on their way to and from the event. In Maryland, they visited the Fort McHenry National Monument & Historic Shrine, The National Katyn Memorial, the Baltimore Holocaust Memorial and the Baltimore Museum of Industry. In New Jersey, they visited the Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower.

Fort McHenry is a star-shaped fort best known for its role in the War of 1812 when it successfully defended Baltimore Harbor from an attack by the British navy in the Chesapeake Bay. Francis Scott Key, a Washington lawyer who had come to Baltimore to negotiate the release of Dr. William Beanes, a civilian prisoner of war, witnessed the bombardment from a nearby truce ship. An over-sized American flag had been sewn by Mary Pickersgill in anticipation of the British attack on the fort. When Key saw the flag emerge intact in the dawn of September 14, 1814, he was so moved that he began that morning to compose the poem "The Defence of Fort McHenry" which would later be renamed "The Star-Spangled Banner" eventually being set to the tune of The Anacreontic Song to become the national anthem of the United States. While at the Fort McHenry National Monument & Historic Shrine, we saw the film "The Defense of Fort McHenry" that was playing in the Visitor Center Auditorium.

The National Katyn Memorial on S. President Street in Baltimore, Maryland honors those Polish officers who died in three Soviet prisoner of war camps during World War II. In 1918, Poland regained her independence after enduring three partitions and domination for 123 years by Russia, Prussia, and Austria. Barely 21 years later, on September 1, 1939 Nazi Germany invaded Poland from the west, triggering the Second World War. On September 17, the Soviet Union, in cooperation with the Nazis and without a declaration of war, invaded and occupied eastern Poland. The Soviets deported some 1.5 million Polish citizens to Siberia. They seized some 250,000 Polish military personnel and sent over 20,000 army, navy, air force and frontier-guard officers to three prison camps in the Soviet Union: Kozielsk, Starobielsk, and Ostashkov. Most of these officers were reservists: doctors, professors, school teachers, lawyers, judges, civil servants, priests, ministers, and rabbis. They were Poland’s leaders and thinkers, the flower of Polish intelligentsia. Through the severe winter of 1939-40, the prisoners defied political indoctrination and endured interrogations by the Soviet secret police (NKVD) about their backgrounds and their political views. In March they were ordered to gather their belongings and were told they were being returned to Poland. For the next few weeks, day after day, 200-300 of them were taken away by train. They were then transferred to special prison buses, locked singly into cramped cubicles and taken deep into the Russian forests. There, one-by-one, each prisoner was murdered with a pistol shot to the back of the head. In June, 1941 Germany turned on its ally and invaded the Soviet Union. In April 1943 in the Katyñ Forest, near Smolensk in German-occupied Russia, a local peasant led the Germans to a site called Goat Hill. There the Germans found the bodies of nearly 5,000 Polish officer-prisoners who had been in the Kozielsk prison camp. One of the people brought to the gravesite as a witness to the proceedings was an American Prisoner-of-War, Lieutenant Colonel John Van Vliet, Jr. After his release from captivity at the end of the war, he prepared a report in which he concluded that the Soviets were responsible for the murder of the Polish officers found at Katyñ. This report, classified TOP SECRET, disappeared. In 1949, at the request of the Department of Defense, Lt. Col. Van Vliet again dictated his report and this time it was made public. In 1951, the US House of Representatives established the ‘Select Committee to Conduct an Investigation into the Katyñ Forest Massacre’. After a 13-month inquiry, the Committee concluded that, beyond any reasonable doubt, the massacre had been committed by the Soviet NKVD. It was not until the collapse of the Soviet Union that the truth was acknowledged. In 1989, the head of the Communist Party broadly admitted Soviet guilt. In 1991, other mass graves were uncovered near Kharkov and in Mednoye. These graves contained the bodies of the murdered officers from the Starobielsk and Ostashkov camps. In 1992, the Russian President released to Poland secret documents, including the death sentences signed by Stalin and by the head of the NKVD at the time of the atrocities. The world finally knew the truth after 50 years of lies and deception.The phrase Katyñ Massacre is used to signify the murders at all three of the Soviet camps.

The Baltimore Holocaust Memorial is located at the intersection of Lombard and Gay Streets, two blocks from the Inner Harbor attractions. In the front center sits the Joseph Sheppard Holocaust Sculpture. The statue depicts the horror of the Holocaust by portraying emaciated bodies of the victims’ bodies contorted in a ball of flame. The base of the sculpture bears the quote from George Santayana: "Those who do not remember the past are destined to repeat it." The center plaza of the site is a large concrete triangle. The form represents the shape of the badge that the holocaust victims were required to wear. Two yellow triangles, one lying over the other, identified an individual as a Jew. The Holocaust Sculpture stands at the apex of the triangle. A raised triangular memorial plaque stands just behind the sculpture.

The Baltimore Museum of Industry (BMI) was founded in 1977 to preserve the City's rapidly disappearing industrial heritage. In May, 1981, BMI moved into the historic Platt Oyster Cannery building (c.1870) in South Baltimore. The mission of the Baltimore Museum of Industry is to collect, preserve, and interpret the industrial and technological heritage of the Baltimore region for the public by presenting educational programs and exhibits that explore the stories of Maryland's industries and the people who created and worked in them. OPNY members were treated to a 2-hour private tour of the museum and its exhibits.

The Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower is a memorial to inventor and businessman Thomas Edison, located in the Menlo Park area of Edison, New Jersey. It was built in 1938 and dedicated on February 11, 1938, on what would have been the inventor's 91st birthday. The 131-foot tall tower is at the exact spot where the Menlo Park laboratory was located. After Edison and his staff left in 1884, the original buildings deteriorated until by 1925 all the buildings had either collapsed or burned. Thomas Edison owned a house across the street from the tower which burnt down sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s. He also owned 35 acres of property in the area which is now a park. The tower's pinnacle is meant to represent an incandescent light bulb. Originally, the tower was not only a tribute to the incandescent light, but also recorded sound. It had speakers loud enough to be heard two miles away, but was discontinued to avoid noise pollution, according to a 2004 Weird NJ magazine article.

OPNY affiliate members found these tourist attractions to be an extraordinary educational experience.

In Liberty,

Dr. Tom Stevens
Objectivist Party of New York

Objectivist Party Multi-Affiliate Meeting & Pool Party Held In Maryland

On Friday, July 10, 2009 at 5:30 p.m., the Objectivist Party of New York, the Objectivist Party of Pennsylvania, and the Objectivist Party of Virginia held a multi-affiliate meeting at Golden Corral located at 7908 Rossville Blvd. in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Tom Stevens, OPNY President, was able to reserve a separate meeting room at the restaurant for the exclusive use of Objectivist Party members and their friends. The meeting lasted two hours. Besides party members, interested local residents from Maryland joined us as did two people who drove from Missouri in order to make the meeting.

After dinner, Objectivist Party members and their friends headed over to the Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley located at 245 Shawan Road in Hunt Valley, Maryland in order to take part in the scheduled Pool Party. Dr. Stevens made his room available for those who needed to change into their swim suits. For the next hour and a half, everyone took full advantage of the hot tub and large swimming pool.

The Multi-Affiliate Meeting and Pool Party wrapped up around 10:00 p.m. at which time those not staying over at the hotel took off to head home. Those staying at the hotel continued to hang out discussing Objectivist Party strategy and Objectivist philosophy.

A very enjoyable time was had by all!

In Liberty,

Dr. Tom Stevens
Objectivist Party of New York

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Joe Rivera On An Objectivist's Moral Obligation To Live A Purposeful Life

Joe Rivera, Vice-Chair of the Objectivist Party, was recently asked by one of the party's members to address the issue of whether the fact that people choose different purposes in life reveals that said choices are therefore necessarily subjective in nature. Mr. Rivera responded as follows:

Objectivism holds that life is best lived with logic, reason, and purpose. A purposeful life is a life lived with the ultimate moral goal being the achievement of one's own happiness. The specific purpose is left to discretion, but just because it is variable does not mean it is subjective. To say that a life lived for the purpose of feeding starving children is necessarily a better one than a life lived for the purpose of building houses would be a subjective evaluation. However, as long as a person uses reason and rational thought to select a purpose that leads to a productive life, the selection of that purpose is left up to the individual.

That being said, there are objective ways of measuring each person's progress toward the achievement of their chosen goals. One could ask, "How far have I come toward achieving my goals?" or "Have I set short-term, medium-term and long-term goals that will allow me to steadily work toward the goals I have set for myself?" If a person has used reason to come up with a progressive plan (meaning each goal builds upon the last) toward what they would consider a better future, then they are living a purposeful life. A life that is not purposeful has no such plan, and any short term goals do not lead to long term goals.

I think this is a satisfactory objective definition as it doesn't take into account any subjective interpretations of what the purpose is in deciding whether or not the life is purposeful. However, just because a life is purposeful does not make it acceptable to an Objectivist; it still must pass the rationality test. Spending a lifetime killing clowns or learning to be the best heroin addict one can be, for example, are purposes but they wouldn't be acceptable to an Objectivist because the first goal violates the non-aggression principle, and the second leads to self-destruction. Here, by the way, is an example of how Objectivists differ from Libertarians. A Libertarian might have no problem with someone living their life with the goal of being the best heroin addict they can be since they are supposedly only harming themselves. Choosing a goal that does harm to oneself is morally unacceptable to an Objectivist.

In the end, all Objectivists share the same meta-purpose: to strive for the achievement of their own happiness by utilizing reason to select goals and purposes that will lead to a heroic, productive, happy life of their own choosing.

I appreciate Joe Rivera taking the time to speak out on this topic and I know he welcomes your feedback.

In Liberty,

Dr. Tom Stevens
Objectivist Party

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dr. Tom Stevens, OPNY President, Addresses Independence Day Tea Party In Queens, NY

In his capacity as President of the Objectivist Party of New York, Dr. Tom Stevens addressed an Independence Day Tea Party held on July 4, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in Bowne Park located on the corner of 32nd Avenue and 159th Street in Flushing, New York. This Tea Party, which was advertised on four major Tea Party internet listing sites, was organized by John Procida, who currently serves as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Queens County.

Dr. Tom Stevens kicked off his speech by pulling out a Harry Potter-style wand from his pants, which he explained was a magic wand he intended to use to bring about smaller government. He waved the wand demanding smaller government. The crowd cheered but he noted that nothing happened. In turn, he waived the wand for lower taxes, more individual freedoms and for a government that doesn't devalue our currency by printing it and giving it away as if it were going out of style. Each time the patriots cheered but Dr. Stevens noted that nothing happened.

Dr. Stevens went on to explain that nothing happened because magic and mysticism do not work. He explained that the Objectivist Party does not believe in magic and mysticism and that if they wish to see results, they must use their reason and logic to take action and personal responsibility for what is going on in this country. Dr. Stevens stated that attending the Independence Day Tea Party was a good first step but they must do more. He suggested writing letters to the editor, writing to their elected officials, getting involved in liberty-oriented organizations, hosting a local cable television show or working on a particular issue that interests them such as ending the abuses of eminent domain. At that point, the crowd was so aroused they began shouting out eminent domain abuses they knew about.

Dr. Tom Stevens finished his speech by telling the patriots assembled, "This is your country! Take it back!"

After he finished speaking, many in attendance came up to Dr. Stevens offering him resources such as printers and meeting space while others told him they were so motivated that as soon as they got home, they were going to look for ways to remain active in the struggle to restore our liberties.

Other officers of the Objectivist Party of New York also participated at this Independence Day Tea Party. Ronald S. Ramo, Treasurer of the Objectivist Party of New York, was the kick-off speaker. He gave a high energy speech that inspired the patriots in attendance to thunderous applause. Dallwyn Merck, Secretary of the Objectivist Party of New York, was also in attendance. "Who Is John Galt?" tee shirts and "Atlas Will Shrug" posters were clearly visible in the crowd as there was a large Objectivist Party presence at this rally.

Over 90 people were in attendance at this Independence Day Tea Party. The event was covered by the Queens Chronicle and the Fresh Meadows Times, two local papers. The reporters for both papers took photos of Dr. Stevens and asked him for the correct spelling of his name and official title in the Objectivist Party of New York.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alden Link, LP Presidential Candidate, Compliments Michael W. Reid, Jr., His Campaign's Treasurer

Michael W. Reid, Jr. was appointed Treasurer of the Committee To Elect Alden Link President on January 23, 2007 when the Statement of Organization was filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Regarding Mike Reid's service as Treasurer, Alden Link said:

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Mike Reid on the outstanding job he did for me as my Treasurer when I was a candidate for President in the 2008 election. His reports were always timely and surprisingly detailed and thorough. I was always impressed by his knowledge of the election laws and the reporting requirements. Should I ever decide to seek elected office again, I would be honored to have Mike assist me. His devotion to the cause was outstanding and his efforts were above and beyond anything that would be expected of a volunteer, especially when there was no realistic hope of any patronage rewards. Thanks again Mike.

Dr. Tom Stevens, Campaign Manager for Alden Link, stated:

Mike Reid can be proud of the job he did as Treasurer of the Committee To Elect Alden Link President. He did a lot of research and made many calls to the Federal Election Commission to make sure all the expenditures made and reports filed were in accordance with federal election law. Whenever Mike failed in other areas, he always pointed with pride to the job he did as Treasurer for the Alden Link campaign. No one can take that accomplishment away from him.

Mike Reid served as Treasurer of the Committee to Elect Alden Link President until July 17, 2008 when the Termination Report was approved by the Federal Election Commission.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Objectivist Party Of New York Starts A "Have You Read Atlas Shrugged?" Sign Campaign

On July 1, 2009, Dr. Tom Stevens, President of the Objectivist Party of New York, announced the start of a "Have You Read Atlas Shrugged?" sign campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to have individual members of the Objectivist Party of New York purchase or make signs that say "Have You Read Atlas Shrugged?" and to strategically place those signs so they can be seen by the most people possible.

The first such sign in New York State was placed on a fence on a road crossing the Long Island Expressway in Nassau County, New York so it could be seen by all traffic heading westbound.

Dr. Stevens suggested that individuals making those signs do not place the party's name, website or phone number on it. He recommends that only the words "Have You Read Atlas Shrugged?" be placed on the signs to avoid possible legal liability for having placed them.

Stevens said, "This is a great way to get people curious about what Atlas Shrugged is. I expect that many who see the sign will look up Atlas Shrugged on the internet when they get home and may be inclined to purchase and read the book. I am confident this campaign will do its part to promote Objectivism, and indirectly the Objectivist Party, for once people read Atlas Shrugged, they may get angry enough at the current state of affairs to want to take an active role speaking out for liberty and individual rights."

Dr. Tom Stevens stated he hopes other affiliates in the Objectivist Party start a "Have You Read Atlas Shrugged?" sign campaign of their own.