Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Real "Birther" Issue: Is Barack Hussein Obama A Bastard?

Alton Yee, Director of Fundraising for the Manhattan Libertarian Party, gave us permission to re-publish the following article, which he originally posted at the MLP's website:

The Real "Birther" Issue That Obama Is Deathly Afraid Of
by Alton Yee
May 29, 2012

A hallmark of certain hardcore "birthers" is the belief that Obama was born in Kenya. According to the drill, Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama's mother, henceforth "Ann") traveled to Kenya in 1961 and gave birth to Obama. And since Obama was born in Kenya, he cannot be a "natural born citizen," and therefore he is ineligible to be the President.

Those may very well be the facts, but lately I've wondered about the "logistics" of Ann's odyssey to Kenya. Specifically, how did she get there? Indeed, how would a very pregnant Ann travel the 10,729 air miles from Honolulu to Nairobi?

Let's see. Since jet travel only started to become popular in 1961, she was unlikely to fly the entire trip by jet. More likely, her trip would have combined jet- and propeller-driven airplanes. And most likely, her trip would have required several stops, perhaps upwards of ten, with layovers of hours, even days. It would have been a long, uncomfortable, exhausting trip, especially for a young woman in her, presumably, third trimester and traveling alone. Who paid for this expensive trip? How did she pay for her food and lodging? How did she manage all the paperwork involved? How did she even manage her luggage? (BTW, which airline would allow a woman in her third trimester to fly?)

Still, once she arrived at Nairobi, how did she travel the 274 miles to Mombasa, the town where she's alleged to have given birth to "The Anointed One"? By train? By bus? Perhaps townspeople related to Obama, Sr., Ann's alleged husband, met her at Nairobi and transported her by car or cart driven by an African beast or two. Whichever, the ride would had been a long, bumpy, jarring, uncomfortable one. (Can you say, "miscarriage"?)

How long do you suppose the entire trip took? Days? Weeks? Months? If we take educated guesses on the total time spent in the air, during layovers, and caused by inevitable delays and cancellations, plus the time for the ground transport to Mombasa, and we add them up, I think we can reasonably say 10 to 14 days. Yes? To be safe, let's say it's at least two weeks. The return trip would no doubt had taken just as long, if not longer.

Now that we have an idea of the "logistics" involved for a trip from Honolulu to Kenya in 1961, unless someone who worked as a Travel Agent in 1961 tells me otherwise, I think it's unlikely, even impossible, for Ann to have traveled to Kenya in 1961 and give birth to Obama, Jr. So I must conclude that the entire "birther" issue about Obama's Kenyan birth is one, big, fat, red herring. (Question to Birthers who are fans of Obama's Kenyan birth: Since a round trip from Honolulu to Mombasa in 1961 probably took about one month, is this travel time accounted for in any of Ann's meticulously researched biographical timelines?) Yet, Obama wants very much to keep this issue alive to distract us from the real "birther" issue that he's deathly afraid of.

Which one is that?

It's not the one that correctly declares he's ineligible to be POTUS because he doesn't meet the Constitution's "natural born citizen" requirement. This issue is based on his "stipulated" birthplace as Hawaii. and his father's, Barack Obama, Sr., birth in Kenya.

While Obama no doubt understands this issue, and may even think it correctly applies to him, it doesn't concern him. That's because he knows that since he's the sitting President, no one could touch him with this issue—even when he seeks reelection. Besides, he knows who his real father is.

Who is Obama's real father? It's certainly not Barack Obama, Sr. (If you believe he's the real father, then I have a bridge I like to sell you.) But it's likely he was a willing pawn in the cover-up to lend "legitimacy" to the future occupant of the White House. And while it appears he lent his name to baby Obama, it's unlikely he married Ann, since no marriage license was ever found. Nor has anyone ever claimed to have attended such a wedding, even if it took place at City Hall. There are no photos, no reception guest list, no receipts for celebratory cake and wine—nothing to prove a marriage took place! (Folks, here's an "unspeakable" truth that's hiding in plain sight: Barack Hussein Obama is, quite literally, a bastard.)

So, just who is Obama's real father? Frank Marshall Davis, a black communist, is a likely candidate; some consider him the front runner. Malcolm X, the one and the same, is another likely candidate. Sammy Davis, Jr., not so much. A very credible, "dark horse," candidate is Stanley Durham, Obama's grandfather, when he inseminated an "unknown black woman." (For details about these probable fathers, go to:

And we must consider the possibility that Ann is not Obama's mother, after all. (I'd sure like to see her body exhumed for a DNA match, don't you?)

In any case, I doubt that Obama was born in Kenya. I also doubt that he was born in Hawaii. Indeed, if Obama was ever issued a birth certificate, it probably wasn't Hawaiian issued, despite his claims to the contrary. For that matter, I think the intransigent reluctance of the Hawaiian authorities to show Obama's supposed "actual" birth certificate is part of a conspiracy to cover up the identity of Obama's real father. But wherever Obama's actual birth certificate was issued, it will show who his real father is. Once his identity is finally reviewed, Obama's carefully crafted biographical narrative will fall like a house of cards. The populace will then clearly see Obama for the liar that he is.

Who is Obama's real, biological, father?

That's the real "birther" issue that Obama is deathly afraid of.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Libertarian Party Of Pennsylvania Deletes LpBoard-Discussion & LpBoard-Philosophy Yahoo Groups

The Board of Directors of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPA) met on May 29, 2012. At that meeting, the Board authorized the deletion of the LpBoard-Discussion Yahoo Group and the LpBoard-Philosophy Yahoo Group. Both groups were owned by Chuck Moulton, a former LPPA State Chair.

Dr. Tom Stevens, current LPPA State Chair, contacted Mr. Moulton to inform him of the Board's decision. Mr. Moulton transferred ownership of the groups to Dr. Stevens, who deleted them in accordance with the decision of the Board.

Free From Freedom - An Article By LPQC Member Ed Konecnik

Ed Konecnik, a member of the Libertarian Party of Queens County, submitted the following article for publication:

Free From Freedom
by Ed Konecnik
Flushing, New York
May 29, 2012

Elections have become public auctions of private goods. Voters have figured out that they could vote themselves more money from the treasury by voting for people who promised to give them more money in exchange for electing them.

The people getting free stuff outnumber the people paying for that free stuff. We are nurturing contempt for private property, destroying self-reliance and self-responsibility. Will we vote for those who will redistribute our wealth and limit our freedoms in the name of “social justice”? Will we acquiesce to bureaucrats who are determined to dictate how we live our lives? If we sanction the subserviance of individual interests to collective authority, we disregard the Constitution at our peril.

History is replete with chronicles of the immorality, dishonesty and exploitation of collectivist societies. In those societies, the individual has a reality only as part of the group, value only insofar as he serves it. People who join demonstrations and protests demanding somebody’s “fair share” do not recognize private property and they reject personal responsibility. Collectivist ideology contends the government determines how individuals may live their lives for the benefit of society. Individual rights and choices are limited or eliminated for the “greater good.”

There are some who think it is unimportant who wins or loses in the next election because the changing of “masters” has no effect on freedom. However, the results may reveal the depth of our dependency and aversion to individualism. If choices and decisions required to effectuate self-sufficiency and self-determination are an irksome burden, we will vote to join the mob and mass movement to escape individual responsibility and be free from freedom.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Social Insecurity - An Article By LPQC Member Ed Konecnik

Ed Konecnik, a member of the Libertarian Party of Queens County, submitted the following article for publication:

Social Insecurity
by Ed Konecnik
Flushing, New York
May 25, 2012

The appearance of ads imploring us to "vote for change", "make a difference" means election time is here. Most elections do not effectuate change but rather legitimize and reinforce the status quo since 85% of incumbents are returned to office. We have become an acquiescent dependent flock of sheep denying the gravity of the challenges we face. With no federal budget for three years, a 16 trillion dollar debt, impending bankruptcies of Social Security and Medicare, uncontrolled entitlement spending, is anyone minding the store? More importantly, does anybody care?

Few in the media and even fewer politicians call attention to our perilous predicament. Our sad state of affairs goes unnoticed and unexamined because we have been duped into apathy by a false sense of security. Among the most blatant and egregious examples of deception and violation of individual rights is the Social Security System. Consider the following: if after a lifetime of mandatory contributions to Social Security you die before you can collect, who gets that money? In 1981, employees of Galveston County Texas opted out of Social Security for a private alternative retirement plan. Workers who earned $51,000 per year receive $3,100 a month compared to SS benefits of $1,368. Workers who earned $75,000 receive $4,540 compared to SS benefits of $1,645. Most importantly, employees own their retirement account and it can be passed on to their heirs. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme but sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.

Since we have been nurtured to believe the government knows best and is solely responsible for our welfare, most will take the path of least resistance, follow along with the crowd to gain a sense of false safety and shirk personal responsibility. There is no doubt we have met the enemy; it is us.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Judge Jim Gray Wins Libertarian Party's Vice-Presidential Nomination

After winning the Libertarian Party's Presidential Nomination, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson urged the delegates attending the Libertarian Party's National Convention to select Judge Jim Gray of California as his Vice-Presidential running mate. Judge Gray won the nomination with 59.5% of the vote.

In a speech made to the delegates before the vote, Gary Johnson said, in part:

This is about winning...I believe that Jim Gray affords the best opportunity to win and I want you to know that in this process, we interviewed a lot of candidates as potential Vice-Presidential candidates and without question, I think Jim Gray does a better job when it comes to articulating libertarian ideals and beliefs than anyone else.

R. Lee Wrights of Texas and Jim Burns of Nevada, in anticipation of losing the Libertarian Party's Presidential Nomination to Gary Johnson, actively urged their supporters to write their names on the Vice-Presidential tokens all delegates received so they could be formally nominated as candidates for the Vice-Presidential Nomination of the Libertarian Party. Their bids for the consolation prize proved unsuccessful.

On Saturday, May 5, 2012, the Libertarian Party nominated former California Superior Court Judge Jim Gray for Vice-President of the the United States. Judge Gray won the nomination on the first ballot obtaining 357 of the 600 votes cast for an impressive 59.500% of the total vote. R. Lee Wrights of Texas came in second with 229 votes (38.167%), Jim Burns of Nevada was third with 6 votes (1.000%). There was one write-in vote (.167%) for Sam Sloan and six people voted for None Of The Above (1.000%).

The Libertarian Party National Convention was held from May 3-6, 2012 at the Red Rock Casino, Hotel & Spa located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Libertarian Party Nominates Gary Johnson For President

On Saturday, May 5, 2012, the Libertarian Party nominated former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for President of the United States. Governor Johnson won the nomination on the first ballot obtaining 419 of the 595 votes cast for an impressive 70.420% of the total vote. R. Lee Wrights of Texas came in second with 152 votes (25.546%), Jim Burns of Nevada was third with 12 votes (2.017%) and Carl Person of New York came in last with 3 votes (.504%). There were six write-in votes (1.008%) for other candidates not formally listed on the ballot and three people voted for None Of The Above (.504%).

Addressing the delegates immediately after obtaining the Libertarian Party's Presidential Nomination, Governor Johnson said, in part:

I humbly accept the nomination. Thank you very much. I am going to make a pledge to all of you. None of  you are going to regret what happened here today...The goal needs to be to actually win in November.

In a show of party unity, R. Lee Wrights, who was Gary Johnson's closest challenger, told the delegates, "Let's get this guy elected!"

Dr. Tom Stevens, State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, said:

Gary Johnson is going to be a great spokesperson for libertarian principles and I expect we will all be proud of how he conducts his campaign as the Presidential Nominee of the Libertarian Party.

Delegates from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania gave Governor Johnson 75% of its total vote. In announcing the count to the National Convention in my capacity as Pennsylvania Delegation Chair, I made the following statement:

"Mr. Chairman. The Delegates from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, and the State that proudly kicked Rick Santorum's ass out of the Senate casts 2 write-in votes for Sam Sloan, 1 vote for Lee Wrights & enthusiastically casts 9 votes for the next President of the United States, Gary Johnson."

I was also pleased to learn that Kate, Gary Johnson's fiance, is originally from Pennsylvania so if there is a White House wedding, as Gary Johnson predicts, I expect we may be able to get a few invitations to attend.

The Libertarian Party National Convention was held from May 3-6, 2012 at the Red Rock Casino, Hotel & Spa located in Las Vegas, Nevada.