Monday, July 27, 2009

Stonewall Libertarians Makes Coordinator Changes

Effective July 27, 2009, a number of changes were made to the Coordinator listings on the website of Stonewall Libertarians.

Robbie Greenberger (appointed 4/6/07) was removed as the listed Connecticut Coordinator due to his having passed away and Christine Smith (appointed 12/8/06) was removed as the listed Colorado Coordinator in light of her having resigned.

Robert Jonathan Bertram (appointed 7/26/09) was added as the new Massachusetts Coordinator for Stonewall Libertarians.

In addition to these changes, Derek J. Hanson (appointed 7/18/06) was removed as Illinois Coordinator, Joe Nightwalker (appointed 8/2/06) was removed as Oklahoma Coordinator, John Reid (appointed 12/14/06) was removed as Florida Coordinator, and Rocco Fama (appointed 4/19/07) was removed as Vice-President of Stonewall Libertarians New York.

The Stonewall Libertarians website can be viewed at

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