Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bachelors For Link Forms To Support Alden Link, Libertarian Party Candidate For Lt. Governor Of New York

On May 24, 2010, Dr. Tom Stevens announced the formation of Bachelors For Link, a group formed to support Alden Link, the nominee of the Libertarian Party of New York for Lt. Governor in 2010.

In forming the group, Dr. Stevens said:

Bachelors often feel pressure to get married and to live a conventional lifestyle. Despite choosing to be "unattached", they often face ridicule and are the subject of "whispering campaigns" questioning their sexual orientation. We are proud to support Alden Link, the Libertarian Party's candidate for Lt. Governor of New York State, who has socially tolerant views and a principled belief that people should be able to organize their lives as they see fit without private sanction or governmental interference.

Alden Link's platform contains the following statements relevant to this issue:

People are sovereign over their own bodies and they should have the right to do with them as they please so long as they do not directly interfere with the right of others to do the same. The government should not be involved in trying to legislate morality and should not act paternalistically to protect people from making the decisions they believe are in their own best interests. Private adult consensual behavior should not be criminalized. The words contained in the United States Constitution should be interpreted to recognize that every citizen has a constitutionally protected "zone of privacy" that must not be intruded upon by the government. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered individuals are entitled to full equality under the law regardless of their sexual orientations or perceived gender identity or presentation.

Dallwyn Merck, President of Stonewall Libertarians New York, applauded the formation of Bachelors For Link, commenting as follows:

The formation of Bachelors For Link is a brilliant move to bring attention to Alden Link's socially progressive platform. Although people have become more tolerant since the 1940s, the fact that bachelors still face criticism by family and friends shows us how far we still have to go to obtain acceptance for all sexual and cultural minorities in this country. The formation of Bachelors For Link by Dr. Tom Stevens shows his extraordinary appreciation for history. Bravo!

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