Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Empire State Libertarians Endorses Alex Powietrzynski For The New York State Assembly From The 28th A.D.

On August 31, 2010, the Governing Board of Empire State Libertarians endorsed Alex Powietrzynski, who is the Republican Party Nominee for New York State Assembly from the 28th A.D.

Alex Powietrzynski received the endorsement of Empire State Libertarians after indicating to the Governing Board his full agreement with the following Candidate Endorsement Statement for Election Year 2010:

If elected, I will take action to bring about smaller, more efficient, government as well as fewer and lower taxes. I intend to work to stimulate the economy and to create jobs by reducing corporate taxation and bureaucratic regulation. I do not believe it is the government's role to bring about social change. to redistribute wealth, or to pass laws criminalizing conduct that causes no direct harm to others. I will do what I can to bolster the value of our currency, to reduce the national debt, to better defend our borders, to keep our military strong, and to protect those individual rights guaranteed to all Americans in the United States Constitution.

Mr. Powietrzynski also agreed to place the fact of his endorsement by Empire State Libertarians and the Candidate Endorsement Statement on his website. Those references are located at:

After receiving the endorsement of Empire State Libertarians, Mr. Powietrzynski said:

I am proud to be endorsed by Empire State Libertarians. With the national and local calamity in the economy, we are exposing serious problems with the way our government is run. We need to re-examine government involvement in the economy and allow for greater freedom for the private sector in the economy. More importantly, we need to re-examine the level of government involvement in our everyday lives. Our Constitutional rights are paramount and we must ensure that the government respects our rights and does not impede on them through restrictions and regulations. Addressing the structural problems with government involvement in the economy and our individual rights must be our first priority and Empire State Libertarians stands for those priorities.

Alex Powietrzynski has also promised to support:

Lower Taxes

Policies To Create Incentives For Businesses To Hire New Yorkers

Alternatives To The Current Public Education System

A Fiscally Responsible State Government

Dr. Tom Stevens, Founder of Empire State Libertarians, said:

I am very pleased that Empire State Libertarians chose to endorse Alex Powietrzynski for New York State Assembly. He is a charismatic, knowledgeable, intelligent leader who can make a great contribution to the cause of liberty. 

Dr. Tom Stevens founded Empire State Libertarians on July 4, 2010.

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