Sunday, September 11, 2011

Liberty Activists Boycott Overpriced Liberty Fest II While Carl Person, Candidate For The LP Nomination For President, Makes His Case To Attendees

Empire State Libertarians, Downstate Libertarians, Long Island Libertarians, Stonewall Libertarians and the Objectivist Party of New York boycotted Liberty Fest II, which was held on September 10, 2011 from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at Club Amnesia located at 609 West 29th Street in Manhattan. Organizers Gigi Bowman, Ian Cioffi, Danny Panzella and Amanda Trbovich charged each attendee $30.00 if they purchased their tickets at the door for an opportunity to hear 25 speakers talk for 5 minutes each. In addition, they charged $195.00 for people who wished to attend a luncheon with a few of the guest speakers and $500.00 for any organization wishing to have a booth to distribute liberty-oriented literature.

While Gigi Bowman, the Suffolk County Libertarian Party's State Representative, found room for 25 speakers, including convicted criminal Chris Cantwell (who failed to get on the ballot as the Suffolk County LP's candidate for Congress in 2010), she could not find five (5) minutes for Carl Person, a Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate who lives in Manhattan. Because of this slight, the Libertarian Party of Queens County also did not promote or attend Liberty Fest II.

Carl Person, a member of the Libertarian Party of Queens County, also did not attend the event. However, he and an entourage of campaign supporters owned the street in front of Club Amnesia handing a multi-colored campaign flyer to almost all Liberty Fest II attendees, which contained a 22-point critique of President Obama's American Jobs Act Speech before Congress on September 8, 2011. The flyer, entitled "Obama's Jobs Act Can't Create New Permanent Jobs", contained a comprehensive analysis of why President Obama's proposals won't work followed by Carl Person's alternative program for putting Americans back to work in long-term private sector jobs created by the small businesses of our country.

Dr. Tom Stevens, Campaign Manager for Carl Person, said:

This was a great opportunity for Carl to reach over 500 pro-liberty activists with his consistent message of how he will create over 10 million new jobs with his proposals to allow all small businesses to have their first three employees treated as independent contractors, by opening up educational opportunities so that new careers such as Assistant To Small Business Owner can be created, and by allowing small business owners to raise capital. Given that Carl founded the Paralegal Institute, which trained thousands of people to enter a promising new career, there is no doubt he knows what he is taking about when he speaks of the potential for the new job title of Assistant To Small Business Owner.

Carl received extremely favorable feedback from those he spoke to outside Liberty Fest II and I would venture to say they will remember his practical solutions to create jobs without intrusive governmental interference far longer than they will remember what was said by any of the 25 speakers inside Club Amnesia who spoke for 5 minutes each over a loud speaker projected throughout a large and crowded club.  

Carl Person described his activities outside Liberty Fest II as follows:

Nazarius (Noz) Cavan (my New York State Coordinator and one of the best petition gatherers in the country), my son Nick and I arrived at Club Amnesia 30 minutes before the doors opened. Already, a single line of about 250 people had showed up waiting to enter the club, with nothing to do until then. We handed out my flyer to all 250 people in line as well as to an additional 250 attendees who came during the next hour or so. I was able to speak with about 200 of them to explain how we can get the economy moving again through the creation of millions of new jobs.

I want to give a big thanks to Gigi Bowman, the co-organizer of Liberty Fest II, who was unable to find 5 minutes for me to speak at the event because as a result of her refusal to find me a speaking slot, I found a more effective way to reach the attendees.

I am taking my Presidential candidacy to the Libertarian Party convention delegates, going from meeting to meeting, city to city, state to state, and explaining how the Libertarian Party knows how to create jobs while the Republicans and Democrats are only good at creating snow jobs.

Carl Person did not speculate regarding why Gigi Bowman denied him a speaking slot. However, her previous moralistic positions on social issues and flirtation with the Constitution Party may have played a factor given Carl Person's open-minded "live and let live" attitude when it comes to other people's lifestyles.

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