Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jarrett Payne Dunning Appointed President Of The Objectivist Party Of Virginia

On February 1, 2012, Jarrett Payne Dunning was appointed President of the Objectivist Party of Virginia by the Governing Board of the Objectivist Party.

The Objectivist Party of Virginia was chartered on November 29, 2008. It has had four Presidents, who have been:

Heidi Gresko - 11/29/08 through 12/19/08
Jules Oscar Gaudreau, III - 12/19/08 through 8/10/09
Tyler Keylon - 8/10/09 through 2/1/12
Jarrett Payne Dunning - 2/1/12 to Present

Upon accepting the position, Jarrett Payne Dunning issued the following statement:

My journey to Objectivism began long before I realized it. As a student in primary school, I was constantly put in situations which went against my most basic values. These were values I did not have a name for at the time, but values none the less. I was used by others for my intellect and I despised this theft of my own talent. I was constantly told to help others with their work, simply because others thought I should. I was asked to neglect my own tasks for the sake of others and this was all done in the name of duty.

The formation of my Objectivist philosophy would not take root until secondary school. It was here I was able to name and refine the values I held for so very long. In secondary school, I discovered an area of competition in which I could serve myself. That area was debate and I soon began to excel at it. In my senior year, I would obtain two state rings. I would win a ring for Impromptu Forensics and one for Lincoln-Douglas debate. These accomplishments meant more to me than a team trophy could ever. These were jewels I had obtained with my own intellect and ability and were all the more beautiful for that very reason. While in my debate career, I came across the works of Ayn Rand and have not looked back since. Currently, I am working on my undergraduate degree in history and have every intention of pursuing my Doctorate.  

I took this position of President of the Objectivist Party of Virginia to further my own values. Values that I have come to realize are shared by many.

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