Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nick Di Iorio, Republican Party Nominee for Congress (CD12-NY), Speaks On Rising Action Radio About His Background & His Positions On Foreign & Domestic Policy Issues

Nick Di Iorio, the Republican Party nominee for Congress in the 12th Congressional District (New York) who is running against incumbent Democrat Representative Carolyn Maloney, was interviewed by Dr. Tom Stevens on two 30-minute shows on Rising Action Radio regarding his background and his positions on foreign and domestic policy issues. Many substantive and complex issues were discussed and I encourage you to listen to both broadcasts. A brief and incomplete summary of what was discussed follows.

During the first show, Mr. Di Iorio revealed he grew up in Providence, Rhode Island and from 2004-2010 studied to be a Catholic priest in a Jesuit Seminary in Boston, leaving and moving to New York in 2010 because of a continuing attraction he had to being married and having a family. When in New York, he lived in the Bronx and attended Fordham University (Rose Hill Campus) where after two years he obtained a Master's Degree in Philosophy. He considers himself to be a practicing Roman Catholic but personally disagrees with the positions of the Catholic Church on contraception and homosexual acts. He agrees with the Catholic Church that the Devil is real and not just a mythological personification of evil and that women should not be ordained as priests. On the issue of miracles, he said, "There are undeniable moments where things have happened in the created and natural order which cannot be explained by nature, which cannot be explained by science. I do believe in miracles." Regarding prayer, Mr. Di Iorio does believe God answers prayers, but "in His time, not in our time."

Regarding foreign policy, Mr. Di Iorio said he is a strong supporter of Israel and he believes "its survival and stability is crucial for the development of Western Democracy." He does believe our current level of financial support for Israel is probably too high and said, "Israel has done a great job of maintaining economic stability. We should really question how much we give to Israel based on its own economic stability." He opposes Israel trading "land for peace". Regarding that issue, he said, "The Palestinians and Hamas are really concerned with Killing Jews and no matter how much land Israel gives back will not change that mindset." He would be open to Jerusalem and all other Holy Sites "being governed or being at least secured and maintained by a third party, an independent entity that would secure Jerusalem and allow the followers of all three major religions a legitimate opportunity to worship at their Holy Sites." With respect to Russia, Mr. Di Iorio would not use military force to defend the sovereignty of the rest of Ukraine should Russia take it over but he would use military force, even if it meant going to war with Russia, to defend the sovereignty of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. To hear the full recording of this first segment, go to http://tobtr.com/s/6752765       

During the second show covering domestic policy issues, Mr. Di Iorio said he would oppose efforts to make Washington, D.C. a state and would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned so each state could decide whether to make abortion legal or not within its borders. He would also oppose any federal definition of marriage and would want each state to decide whether or not to recognize same-sex marriages. Ideally, he would like the government to get out of the marriage licensing business and would end all tax advantages granted to married couples to the disadvantage of single individuals. He would decriminalize marijuana but legalize it for medicinal purposes. He also believes the Federal Government "should not be making decisions about what you can or cannot use in the privacy of your own lives" and "shouldn't be telling people what is and is not good." 

Regarding taxation, Mr. Di Iorio would establish a 25% corporate tax rate, end loopholes and lower but broaden the base of those paying taxes so everyone has some "skin in the game." He is very much a proponent of free trade and believes it allows our values of human dignity and democracy to be spread throughout the world. He opposes the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air and said, "Every time the Federal Reserve prints a dollar, the value of a dollar in New York State goes down. You cannot print money you don't have." He would fast-track naturalization for law-abiding immigrant families and would consider supporting the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (D.R.E.A.M.) Act but not until we have fully secured our border. To hear a full recording of the second segment, go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/risingaction/2014/08/04/nick-di-iorio--congressional-candidate-cd12-ny-on-domestic-issues.   

To learn more about Nick Di Iorio's campaign, visit his website at http://www.nickfornewyork.com/ 

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