Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chris J. Cole Convicted, Stripped & Expelled From Beaux Arts Society, Inc.

On Friday, May 15, 2015, the Board of Directors of the Beaux Arts Society, Inc. voted unanimously, after reviewing extensive evidence including e-mail communications, to convict Chris J. Cole of Breach of Contract & Intentional Fraud; stripping him of the title of Official Photographer of the 108th Annual Beaux Arts Ball; and permanently expelling him from membership in the Beaux Arts Society. It was also found his actions damaged the reputation of the Beaux Arts Society, Inc.

The nine-month delayed announcement of this Board action was to give Mr. Cole every possible opportunity to return the money he took from Ball Attendees who ordered and expected prints from him. or, in the alternative, to give him time to deliver the prints he promised. The list of individuals who paid Chris J. Cole for prints that were never delivered includes Dr. Thomas G. Jacoby, Dame Gloria B. Kingsley K.R., Dr. Philip Ernest Schoenberg, Jason Querry, Judy Coppola, Ron Fowler & Rev. Cantorah Georges. Other fraud victims have not yet been identified.

Chris J. Cole was born on August 7, 1994. His permanent residence is at 104 Mahogany Way, Lansdale, Pennsylvania 19446. His cell phone number is 267-324-6354 and his e-mail address is He is a student at Drexel University. On his application for membership in the Beaux Arts Society, he claimed Fine Arts Proficiencies as a Cinematographer, Director, Screenplay Writer, Score Composer, Design Artist & Photographer. He was admitted to the Beaux Arts Society in 2014 and expelled from membership in 2015.

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