Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Warren Redlich Set To Lead NYLP To Humiliating Defeat

I hope that when Warren Redlich, the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of New York State, comes in 7th place and possibly 11th place (which is last place) on Election Day that those responsible for this disaster recognize their own political ignorance and inexperience and do the honorable thing, which in my opinion would be to resign from their leadership positions in the Libertarian Party of New York.

From the very beginning, I have vocally opposed the nomination of Warren Redlich because I believed he was lying to us about actively contesting for the Republican Party nomination, which was the basis of the argument of his supporters regarding why he would be a viable candidate and this in the face of his promise not to spend a dime of his own money on his own campaign.

Since then, his supporters and the leaders of the LP in New York State have been lying to you about his chances, saying that momentum is building, telling national this is our best chance in years to obtain 50,000 votes, posting videos that might get him elected President of the Student Council at a High School but certainly not Governor of the State of New York. The response to my criticisms was to attempt to silence my voice on the State Committee, as if that would somehow undermine the legitimacy of my concerns.

We only get one shot every four years to make a mark and to take the Libertarian Party to the next level and yet for over 36 years, the New York Libertarian Party leadership has absolutely failed to obtain "minor party" status for the Libertarian Party and during those years they blew smoke up your ass, lied to you either intentionally or out of ignorance and in so doing, disrespected you.

Let me share with you my political opinion about what I think will happen on Election Day 2010. Warren Redlich will lead the Libertarian Party to a humiliating defeat. He will most certainly come in at least in 7th place and possibly 11th (last) place.

The following six (6) parties will get more votes than he does:

Working Families

Now it's possible he could come in 7th but I think Charles Barron's Freedom Party is poised to do very well in this election. Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party is a very colorful candidate and may beat out Redlich. Kristin Davis of the Anti-Prohibition Party is the only woman in the race plus she's Boobalicious! She is also the only candidate speaking like a true Libertarian. Finally, Carl Paladino's Taxpayer Party line is a complete wild card. If people associate it with the Tea Party, it may do well but if they don't, I think it will fall short of obtaining a significant number of votes.

So there you have it! Warren Redlich will, in my opinion, at least come in 7th place and possibly last place! Will those responsible for this disaster resign from their positions in shame? Don't count on it! You will end up hearing some bullshit excuse for why things turned out the way they did. Don't buy it! This result was predictable from the very beginning for anyone with an ounce of political experience, which excludes most of the leadership of the Libertarian Party in New York.

In Liberty,

Dr. Tom Stevens
Political Director
Libertarian Party of Queens County

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