Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dr. Tom Stevens, Objectivist Party Chair, Endorses Tom Tancredo In The Colorado Gubernatorial Race

Dr. Tom Stevens, Founder and Chair of the Objectivist Party, has endorsed Tom Tancredo for Governor of Colorado. Mr. Tancredo is running as the candidate of the American Constitution Party against John Hickenlooper, the Democrat, and Dan Maes, the Republican.

Dr. Stevens has encouraged all Objectivist Party members living in Colorado to cast their gubernatorial votes for Tom Tancredo, in light of the fact that the Objectivist Party of Colorado decided not to run a candidate for Governor this year and because of Tom Tancredo's stands on the issues, namely his support for lowering taxes, limiting state spending, protecting 2nd Amendment Rights and ending illegal immigration.

For more information, visit Tom Tancredo's website at: http://www.tancredoforgovernor2010.org/

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