Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stevens Will Not Organize For Ron Paul This Presidential Election Cycle

Given the high probably that Ron Paul will again seek the nomination of the Republican Party for President in 2012, Dr. Tom Stevens has announced he will not serve as an Organizer or Coordinator on behalf of the Ron Paul Campaign in any official or unofficial capacity.

In 2007 and 2008, Dr. Stevens served as Political Consultant and New York Coordinator for the independent Paul For President Coalition. In that capacity, he formed scores of Ron Paul Meetup Groups throughout the country and ran them until local activists could take them over. He then formed additional Ron Paul Meetup Groups and repeated the process. He provided critical political expertise that resulted in developing extensive grassroots support for the candidacy of Ron Paul. Press Releases were sent out, Conference Calls were held. Yahoo Groups were formed and County Coordinators were appointed throughout the nation. Major fundraising competitions were held and new activists were trained in how to be effective getting out the message to potential voters.

Dr. Stevens also formed the Paul Power organization and Ron Paul's Liberty Corps to promote the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign. These two groups provided the Ron Paul Campaign with many local activists and staffers and they worked to promote the numerous Money Bombs that proved to be so important in getting the message out to potential voters during the Presidential Primary Season.

When making this announcement, Dr. Stevens said:

I do not want my decision to be interpreted as a lack of support for another Ron Paul candidacy. If Dr. Paul won the Republican Presidential Nomination, which is possible, I believe that would be a great advance for pro-liberty political forces in this country. I originally got involved in 2007 to support Ron Paul at a time when no grassroots organization existed. I offered my time and political expertise to build support for his candidacy and in this regard, I believe I made a significant contribution. During this Presidential Election Cycle, I can focus my attention on other political activities I am committed to and can do so with the confidence that others are now in place to do what will be necessary in the weeks and months ahead.

Dr. Tom Stevens is a registered Republican Party member residing in New York State. He is the Founder of Empire State Libertarians and Libertarian Patriots. He is also the Political Director of the Libertarian Party of Queens County.

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