Monday, November 28, 2011

Applause! Applause! Review of Blossom Dearie's CD "Christmas Spice, So Very Nice" by Marle Becker

This review of Blossom Dearie's CD "Christmas Spice, So Very Nice" was written by Marle Becker and appeared in Volume I, Issue 1 (November, 1997) of Applause! Applause! published by Dr. Thomas Robert Stevens.

"Christmas Spice, So Very Nice" - Blossom Dearie
(Daffodil Records, BMD Vol. XVI)

Blossom Dearie's holiday CD, "Christmas Spice, So Very Nice", is everything you'd expect it to be and a bag of chips. Assisted by Mike Renzi, Jay Leonhart, Jay Berliner, and Grady Tate - all splendid musicians in their own right - Dearie and her fellas are, once again, in tip-top form and they all chip in to make this a superb CD.

"Spice" is notable and different from the normal holiday fare in that there's probably not one song you're likely to have heard before. While there are songs, by Renzi, Leonhart, and even Dearie herself, the majority are by a wonderful contemporary composer by the name of Duncan Lamont. Dearie's interpretations are warm and unadorned, full of heart, and quite simply delicious.

This CD is another stunning reminder of just how special she really is. So treat yourself well, relax, put "Christmas Spice" in the CD player and enjoy the holidays in the company of greatness like you might never have done before.

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