Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lexxi Stray Endorses Carl Person For President

On November 17, 2011, Lexxi Stray, a proud Zoosexual, endorsed Carl Person for President of the United States and encouraged others to do so as well. On her blog, she wrote:

There’s a political candidate running in the coming elections who has definitely got my favor - one Carl Person. He is in favor of focusing our national resources on REAL issues - and not squandering them chasing ‘criminals’ who aren’t hurting anyone else or interfering with other people. He plans to do this by focusing funds on creating jobs as well as by having the police force working to keep people safe, which they cannot do when they are spread thin chasing after people involved in victimless crimes.

And what does he classify as victimless crimes?

"The victimless crimes are prostitution, bestiality, sodomy, drugs, abortion, and the principles are that we shouldn’t be regulating what people do to themselves, and the cost of the regulation should be saved and returned to taxpayers, to reduce taxes, and enable the economy to grow with commerce instead of with prisoners, private jails and private jail guards."

He is completely right. We spend millions of dollars trying to stop people from bending over for their dog or taking a puff of weed while men beating their wives or people drinking themselves into comas hardly get a second glance. It’s time to focus on making change that helps people, not waste more tax money trying to stop people from engaging in actions that don’t harm anyone else.

To clarify his stance on bestiality:

"When I mentioned 'bestiality' I was referring to animals, not humans (Note: some statutes prohibiting bestiality include children within the definition.) Bestiality as a victimless crime would center on two elements: 1. “property rights” – limiting the practice to one’s own animals or with wild animals (not owned by anyone) and 2. “consent” and/or “non-injury” – if the animal is willing and is not injured in the process. If the animal is already dead, the victimless crime would become a variant of necromancy, and have to be analyzed in a similar fashion. I’m not a practitioner or advocate of bestiality and am only trying to apply Libertarian principles to a seldom discussed victimless crime."

Finally, for the first time in far too long politics are openly discussing the reality of bestiality - that if the animal is ready and willing there is no harm done by allowing them to satisfy their urges. While the Libertarian Party may be much smaller than either Democrats or Republicans, you can bet those groups keep their eyes on the support levels of different candidates so they know what policies to implement in order to get more support for themselves.

One thing you can do to support bestiality and bring the positive views to light is simply support Carl Person and his fellows either online or in person and, if you plan on voting, vote for some of them come election time. Every vote they get is another sign that bestiality is slowly coming into the minds of the mainstream in a more realistic way - the illogical prejudices of the past are slowly being stripped away so that things may be looked at objectively, and this is one change I am proud to say I will be a part of.

Remember, exercise your right to vote!

You can read Lexxi Stray's full article on Carl Person at: http://www.lexxistray.com/2011/11/17/political-candidate-carl-person-for-the-win/ and can learn more about Lexxi Stray at: http://www.lexxistray.com/

Lexxi Stray (a/k/a Dog Park Princess) is a proud Zoosexual who describes herself as a Bi-Sexual who likes canines and humans with a strong preference for male canines.

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