Monday, July 22, 2013

Dr. Tom Stevens Emerges As The Sole Republican Party Candidate For New York City Public Advocate

Ten minutes before the deadline for filing petitions to run for New York City Public Advocate, approximately 5,200 petition signatures were filed on behalf of Thomas Robert Stevens to be the Republican Party nominee for that office. 3,750 valid signatures needed to be filed by midnight, July 11, 2013.

Dr. Tom Stevens previously served as acting Republican State Committeeman for the 25th Assembly District, as Law Committee Chair of the Queens County Republican Party, as President of the New York Young Republican Club, as President of the Federation of New York State Young Republican Clubs, and as founder of Stonewall Republicans, Red Republicans, Liberty Republicans and the Susan B. Anthony Republicans. He also worked in support of the Presidential Campaigns of Ronald Reagan, Steve Forbes and most recently Dr. Ron Paul. He has taught college classes since 1982 and twice served as President of the Hofstra University School of Law Alumni Association.

Tom Stevens responded to the filing of petitions on his behalf by saying:

I was completely unaware that petitions were being circulated on my behalf. I was kept completely in the dark, did not seek this nomination, and never saw a petition with my name on it seeking the Republican nomination for New York City Public Advocate. When I was notified by the Board of Elections that petitions were filed on my behalf, I was honored. The only hint I had this might happen is that many months ago, I was asked by a candidate seeking the Republican Party's nomination for Mayor whether I would accept the GOP nomination for New York City Public Advocate if the opportunity arose. I responded I would accept. 

My being on the ballot in November as the Republican Party's candidate for New York City Public Advocate is not a done deal. Although no other GOP candidates filed for New York City Public Advocate, there is an objector to my petitions who may be filing line-by-line specific objections this week. I need 3,750 valid petition signatures and all of them must be Republicans with a valid current voter registration. Since I did not collect the signatures myself nor did I review the qualify of the work, I have no idea whether I will survive the challenge. If I do, I will run a vigorous and enthusiastic campaign.

Philosophically, I consider myself a libertarian and an Objectivist. I will advocate for smaller government, less bureaucratic red tape and lower taxes. I will seek the elimination of all bridge and tunnel tolls so free trade can take place throughout the metropolitan area. I will also advocate on behalf all who have a problem with the city bureaucracy and will be a true Ombudsman for all New York City residents.

Thomas Robert Stevens is an attorney who lives in Queens County. He graduated New York University with a B.A. in Political Science and graduated Hofstra University School of Law.

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