Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Richard Bozulich Is Not Dead But He Is The Personal Freedom Party's Nominee For NYC Comptroller

Not too long ago, a blog named Go Game Guru published a report that Richard Bozulich had died. It turned out reports of Mr. Bozulich's death were greatly exaggerated. He lives on and was recently nominated by the Personal Freedom Party to be its candidate for New York City Comptroller, during a time when the party was notified that Kristin Davis, its original nominee, was considering a run for Public Advocate and, therefore, needed to decline the Personal Freedom Party's nomination for Comptroller. Since the petition period had not yet begun, Ms Davis switched back to run for New York City Comptroller after former Governor Eliot Spitzer entered the race but by then, Richard Bozulich had accepted the nomination of the Personal Freedom Party. Kristin Davis remains the nominee of the Libertarian Party for New York City Comptroller.

Mr. Bozulich was born in Los Angeles, California in 1936 and obtained a B.A. in Mathematics from UCLA Berkeley in 1966. He has worked as a professor of math, physics and chemistry and is the author, translator or publisher of many popular books on the game of Go. Go is a board game for two players that originated in China more than 2,500 years ago. There are currently over 40 million Go players worldwide, the overwhelming majority living in East Asia. The International Go Federation has a total of 74 member countries. The game of Go is noted for being rich in strategy despite its relatively simple rules. According to Chess Master Emanuel Lasker, "The rules of Go are so elegant, organic, and rigorously logical that if intelligent life forms exist elsewhere in the universe, they almost certainly play Go."

Richard Bozulich has written or published more than one hundred books and magazine and newspaper articles about the game of Go. He is the world's most prolific author of Go materials in English. Mr. Bozulich is the publisher of Go World magazine and has a regular Go column in The Daily Yomiuri, Japan's largest English-language newspaper. He is the co-founder of Ishi Press and also founded Kiseido Publishing Company.

After hearing Eliot Spitzer had entered the race for Comptroller, Richard Bozulich said:

How am I supposed to compete against a stud like him, fucking whores left and right and fucking his wife at the same time?

I differ from the other candidates in that I am honest. If elected, I will quickly and anonymously donate my salary to charities that are close to my heart, such as those promoting the game of Go and encouraging students to study mathematics. 

Richard Bozulich obtained the nomination of Personal Freedom Party to run for New York City Comptroller on July 3, 2013. At the New York City Nominating Convention of the Personal Freedom Party held on May 11, 2013, Sam Sloan was nominated as the Personal Freedom Party's nominee for Mayor and Thomas Robert Stevens was nominated as the Personal Freedom Party's nominee for Public Advocate.

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