Sunday, August 2, 2009

Libertarian Freedom Council Will Dissolve Effective August 16, 2009

The Libertarian Freedom Council, founded by Thomas Robert Stevens on August 16, 2003, will dissolve effective August 16, 2009, six years to the day after it was organized. The group was formed as an independent libertarian political organization that promotes libertarianism, works with libertarian-leaning young professionals, students and entrepreneurs nationally and internationally, and helps support efforts to make the Libertarian Party a viable political entity in these United States.

Dr. Tom Stevens, who served as President of the LFC during its existence, recruited some of the most effective, charismatic young leaders in the nation to serve as officers and as Foundation and Associate members of the Libertarian Freedom Council. LFC Club Charters were granted to over 45 libertarian and liberty-oriented high school and college clubs that were formed under its auspices. LFC Members were active and influential at the Libertarian Party's National Conventions held in Atlanta in 2004, Portland in 2006 and Denver in 2008. The Libertarian Freedom Council was also a proud member of the Read The Bills Act Coalition.

The LFC maintained a website that was taken down on June 19, 2009. On it was its logo. On the left side of the logo was the group's name on blue letters on a yellow background. On the right side of the logo was a snake on a 'Don't Tread On Me' flag on a background of red and white stripes. The LFC also maintained a Yahoo Group that was taken down on August 2, 2009. All of the remaining references to the Libertarian Freedom Council are to be deleted by August 16, 2009.

While the Libertarian Freedom Council had the potential to continue to be an influential force within the Libertarian Party, many of its members recently became active leaders in the Objectivist Party, which was formed by Dr. Tom Stevens on February 2, 2008. Other LFC members began taking on projects run by Rising Action, a Freedom Activist Network. In the end, the officers and members of the Libertarian Freedom Council decided they would be more effective promoting liberty through other organizations and means.

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