Monday, August 10, 2009

OPNY Celebrates Skyscraper Appreciation Day By Viewing Frank Lloyd Wright's Plans To Build A Mile-High Skyscraper Called "The Illinois"

The Objectivist Party of New York celebrated Skyscraper Appreciation Day (August 10th) by visiting the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum located at 1071 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan to view Frank Lloyd Wright's plans to build a mile-high skyscraper, which he called "The Illinois". It was proposed as a government building for county and state government officials in Illinois. Unfortunately, "The Illinois" was never built.

Display of the architectural plans for "The Illinois" was part of the Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward exhibit at the Guggenheim that runs through August 23, 2009. Mr. Wright was not a fan of the New York skyline as was Ayn Rand and his proposal for a mile-high skyscraper was made with the purpose of creating more green space around it by mopping up all those county and state government officials in Illinois who needed to work together. Nevertheless, Frank Lloyd Wright did have libertarian social views and should be credited for having designed a viable mile-high skyscraper.

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Skyscraper Appreciation Day was founded by Dr. Tom Stevens, Founder of the Objectivist Party.

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