Friday, July 2, 2010

Reform Party Leadership Threatens To Sue New York State Gubernatorial Candidate Kristin Davis

On June 25, 2010, Kristin Davis, a gubernatorial candidate in New York State, announced she intends to petition her way onto the ballot as the candidate of The Reform Party. In a Press Release entitled "Ex-Madam To Run As Reform Party Candidate" issued on June 25, 2010, Ms. Davis' campaign made the following statements:

Kristin Davis, who supplied escorts for former Governor Eliot Spitzer and subsequently spent 4 months in Riker's Island, announced today in the New York State Capitol building that she would petition her way onto the ballot as the candidate of The Reform Party. "I have thought long and hard about a name for a new Libertarian based party that would advocate personal and economic freedom for New Yorkers," said Davis. Because my campaign is about fundamental reform, I will run as a Reform Party candidate. Davis is running on a platform that includes the legalization of prostitution, the legalization of marijuana, the legalization of gay marriage and the legalization of casino gambling. "New York is ready for new ideas and new solutions to our budget crisis - other than higher and higher taxes," said Davis who became a feminist and Libertarian activist after serving time in prison for promoting prostitution. Davis said that her new reform party would also run a candidate for Lieutenant Governor and may also endorse candidates for Attorney General, Comptroller and the US Senate. Davis will require 15,000 valid voter signatures to place her new party and its slate of candidates on the ballot. Signature collection legally begins July 6...

Dr. Tom Stevens, Founder of Libertarian Patriots of New York (LPNY) and Empire State Libertarians, forwarded the Press Release to David Collison, Chairman of the Reform Party National Committee (2008-2012). In a private letter dated June 29, 2010 sent to Kristin Davis from David Collison, he demanded she change the name of her proposed party or face a lawsuit in federal court. The text of that letter is as follows:

I was forwarded a press release stating that you were seeking to run for Governor in New York as a Reform Party candidate.

Please be advised that, like the Libertarians, the Reform Party is a National Party Organization with a presence across the country. While we do not have a ballot line in New York at this time, we do have an existing organization there, with existing leadership, and a formal process for both joining that organization and seeking to use the Reform Party name for seeking elected office.

Likewise, we have several court rulings, including a recent summary judgment in NY Federal Court, clearly showing that we have the rights to use and control the use of the Reform Party name nationally. We have National Party Committee status. We have a functioning Reform Party organization in New York.

The purpose of this communication is to ask you to immediately change the name under which you are seeking to run for Governor. We have an established process for joining a Reform Party organization, and for seeking to run for office under the Reform Party service mark, and you have not followed that process. I understand that there is still sufficient time to change your ballot line title before you begin the petitioning process. I believe that doing so will save both the Reform Party and your campaign significant legal issues.

Thank you for your consideration

David Collison
Chairman, Reform Party National Committee 2008-2012

It is not known whether Kristin Davis responded to this letter or whether she still intends to run for Governor of New York State as the candidate of The Reform Party.

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