Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mark Hinkle Tells Jim Burns The Libertarian National Committee Passed The New Rules With Respect To The Listing Of LP Presidential Candidates On LP.ORG

Jim Burns, an announced Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate, reports he personally spoke with Mark Hinkle, Chair of the Libertarian Party, who told him the Libertarian National Committee was directly responsible for the passing of the new rules regarding which announced Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates could be listed at The reason offered by Mr. Hinkle for the adoption of the new rules was to keep "kooks and non-serious people from being associated with the LP". Mr. Hinkle also told Jim Burns that he has been the only person "who asked about this issue or showed any concern".

Jim Burns' full report was:

Mr. Hinkle, National Chairman of the Libertarian Party (LP), informed me, because I asked him, who was responsible for the change in the rules for listing the names and links, on the Website of the LP, of those seeking the LP nomination for president. The new rules removed about half of the names that were there before the new rules. See:

Mr. Hinkle told me that it was the National Committee that passed the new rules. He told me that the reason was to keep the kooks and non-serious people from being associated with the LP: the same reasoning used by the establishment to keep Libertarian candidates out of the debate and contest.

If the committee was concerned about association with kooks, they solved that problem with the disclaimer:

It seems to me that those who voted for this measure must believe and act as if they were elected to Congress not to office in the Libertarian Party. Just as Congress almost always over reaches, so too it is with committees even those that call themselves libertarian. This rule will harm those who want to know more about people seeking the LP nomination, discriminates against the poor, and implies support and gives credence and collaboration to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and adds requirements that even the FEC does not have.

Libertarians not only believe in free markets but also free minds. Information is necessary for rational choice and having more people on that page gives to members and interested parties more information at no extra cost to the LP. Artificial and arbitrary restrictions harm and give the appearance that the LP has something to hide, the appearance of tyrants.

The requirement to be a dues-paying member in the national LP discriminates against the poor, violates the 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and violates the libertarian principle of equal rights under the law.

The FEC is the enemy!!! The authority for the FEC was unconstitutionally given by congress and the president to form an organization that writes their own rules which are enforced with guns and are designed to keep the incumbents in power. The LP giving aid and comfort to the FEC is repugnant and an abomination: shame. It should be pointed out that this idea was advocated and defeated at the 2008 LP convention. To learn some of the reasons why I have not filed with the FEC take about one minute and read:

Some in the LP believe that because the LP is a private voluntary organization the LP members and officers are not subject to the ideals of libertarianism when acting on behalf of the LP. They are incorrect. Libertarianism opposes fraud. If anyone acts in an anti-libertarian manner while acting in the name of the LP, they commit fraud.

You may e-mail the officers of the LP and ask them about this matter. Mr. Hinkle informed me that I was the only person who asked about this issue or showed any concern. If you wish to make a difference you may contact the members of the National Committee of the LP listed below:

Mark Hinkle,

Mark Rutherford,

Alicia Mattson,

William Redpath,

Randy Eshelman,

Kevin Knedler,

Wayne Allyn Root,

Mary Ruwart,

Rebecca Sink-Burris,

Doug Craig,

Stewart Flood,

Daniel Wiener,

Scott Lieberman,

Guy McLendon,

Brad Ploeger,

Vicki Kirkland,

David Blau,

Andy Wolf,

Sam Goldstein,

Norman Olsen,

Brett H. Pojunis,

Dr. James W. Lark, III,

Marakay Rogers,

Daniel Karlan,

Audrey Capozzi,

Dianna Visek,

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