Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mosheh Eesho Muhammad Al-faraj Thezion a/k/a Luis Edwardo Correa Announces Candidacy For The Libertarian Party's Presidential Nomination In 2012

On January 11, 2012, Mosheh Thezion (a/k/a Luis Edwardo Correa), a member of the Libertarian Party who has registered with the Federal Election Commission as a candidate for President in 2012 (F.E.C. Candidate ID #P20002135; Campaign Committee #C00480657 Mosheh For President), announced his intention to seek the Libertarian Party's Presidential Nomination in 2012. His slogan is "A Better Deal For America = Restore The Constitution!"

On his website, Mosheh Thezion writes:

In 1933, our servant, told us, that if we make the servant OUR master, that it can serve us better, but 80 years has shown that when the servant becomes the master, that servant becomes a ''tyrant'' over what was its master, the People and States and constitutional law.

We got ripped off by the NEW DEAL OF 1933, and I say...THAT DEAL IS OFF.

The Constitution must be restored, and anything less is un-acceptable.

As a candidate, when I win office, it will be my duty by OATH of office to uphold, defend and protect that Constitution, and I promise to do exactly that!

In conjunction with his announcement to seek the Libertarian Party's Presidential Nomination in 2012, Mosheh Eesho Muhammad Al-faraj Thezion published the following letter:

My fellow Americans:

I run for President and seek the nomination because I believe that I truly understand what the American people need and want from the next President.

And that is not a HEAD OF STATE - we need a Head of Government.

Most candidates run as Head of State - they look good and make good speeches but that is all they do.

I run to be Head of Government, and sit in the White House and actually lead our nation to solution, and let someone else run around making lame speeches.

I offer detailed economic plans to save our sovereignty.

On my PLATFORM website, I explain, exactly what I will do, how I will do it, why I will do it, and why you all should be happy that I was able to do so.

I run for office, because I offer A LIST OF REAL DEMANDS, AND REAL DETAILED SOLUTIONS. (All of which I would do in my first Ten days.)



WE DEMAND TO RESTORE REAL COMMODITY BASED MONEY, and end the use of Fiat debt currency.


WE DEMAND TO expand the E.D.D. and make it possible to provide true long term JOB SECURITY for all Americans, which will end all welfare programs.


WE DEMAND TO establish a NEW ECONOMIC SYSTEM, literally, to solve for the problems of debt, excess taxation, and economic debt slavery.


WE DEMAND TO RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION as the rule of law as written, requiring amendments to grant powers.


WE DEMAND TO END THE MODERN FEDERAL RESERVE, and nationalize it, so that Congress may Audit/control and dismantle it as it sees fit over time.


WE DEMAND TO Abolish the I.R.S. (Reduce or eliminate income taxes!)


WE DEMAND TO restore true PROPERTY RIGHTS to all Americans.


WE DEMAND TO restore true constitutional Common Law Freedom!


WE DEMAND TO set up deliberate long term FREE MARKET EXPANDING DEVELOPMENT GOALS, with the Military, the Banks, NASA, states, counties, and cities, as we work to transform our nation, and build up its infrastructure for the next several centuries.


WE DEMAND TO free our own nation from debt slavery, and providing the means for economic prosperity for the next several centuries, AND then work to lead the U.N. into a simple and clear economic plan, which will make it possible to actually END ALL WORLD POVERTY, and make money doing it.




I call it A NEW DEAL FOR 2012!

-- >

I offer.. a TEN DAY PLAN... to get ALL OF IT DONE.


I run, because my nation needs me too.

-Mosheh Thezion
Libertarian Candidate for U.S. President in 2012

Mosheh Eesho Muhammad Al-faraj Thezion (a/k/a Luis Edwardo Correa) was born in Queens County, New York and currently lives in Burbank, California. He was born July 16, 1969 at 12:36 p.m.. His parents were immigrants from Columbia although he claims to be "a mutt with Spanish, Portuguese, South American Indian and perhaps some unconfirmed Jewish blood".

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