Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Policy Regarding Listing Of 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidates At LP.ORG Cause Some Candidates To Be De-Listed

Effective immediately, a new policy has been put in place to determine which announced Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates can be listed on the national Libertarian Party's website at

The four criteria a Libertarian Presidential Candidate must meet are the following:

•Filed to run for president with the F.E.C. as a Libertarian

•Seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party exclusively

•Dues-paying member of the National Libertarian Party

•Campaign website is current with contact information

The six candidates who currently meet that criteria are:

* Roger Gary
* R.J. Harris
* Gary Johnson
* Carl Person
* Bill Still
* Lee Wrights

Sam Sloan and Mosheh Thezion's F.E.C. filings are not visible due to a week's delay in the F.E.C. processing submissions and in the case of Thezion, according to Robert Kraus at LP National Headquarters, he still has "a picture of an elephant" on his website. Other announced Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates who had their names removed were Jim Burns, Miss Joy Waymire, James Ogle, Robert Milnes and Dave Redick.

Mr. Kraus assured me all declared candidates for the Libertarian Presidential Nomination who meet the above stated criteria will be listed as candidates at

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