Sunday, January 8, 2012

Presidential Candidates Mosheh Thezion (R), John A. Dummett, Jr. (R) & Don Cordell (I) Respond To Calls For The Decriminalization Of Bestiality

Three Presidential Hopefuls have shared their strongly held opinions after learning that Carl Person, a candidate for the Libertarian Party's 2012 Presidential Nomination, and Tiffany Briscoe, the Presidential Nominee of the Boston Tea Party, both came out for the repeal of laws criminalizing bestiality.

Their comments were the following:

I...DO NOT support bestiality - alive or dead. I do support laws to protect animals from being enslaved as sex slaves to wacko perverts who clearly have mental issues. I favor the restoration of the Common Law legal system. I favor the restoration of freedom. I would favor a constitutional amendment to make bestiality illegal. The criminal penalties should fit the circumstances of the offence. All offences would not be equal and so punishment should not be equal.

- Mosheh Thezion
Republican Candidate for U.S. President in 2012

Morality in America has become a joke. The issue of whether bestiality is a victimless crime should not even be addressed because everyone with morals would find the act unthinkable and disgusting. It is an affront to man and to God, as many of the immoral acts that pass as normal behavior in this world now...bestiality is not only a crime against nature but it is also a crime against man. A first offense should be treated in a mental institution. Another offense jail time is appropriate.

- John A Dummett Jr.
Presidential Candidate 2012 (R)

We've had presidents that have destroyed our finances, our security from invasion, and the downsizing of our educational system, our morals, taxing churches to end religion, and you worry about a little thing, like fucking anything alive or not, what are you a communist or something. Hey they are just trying (and winning) to destroy our nation, and NOW you're concerned? That's why I am actually running for President NOW. If we do not step up to the bat and retake control of this nation, we will return to slavery. We have world wide traitors that are doing everything they can to take control of every nation in the world under the One World Government plan. Yes Yes Yes, I believe bestiality should be against the law, and our government screwing the American citizens should be against the law. We are all being screwed, Congress and the Senate are the screwee's. It is time to replace all of them. I'm against teaching our little children starting in Kindergarten that GAY is OK. We used to have morals in this nation, and Congress has shown us, there are no morals left.

- Don Cordell
Presidential Candidate 2012 (I)

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