Friday, June 26, 2009

Joe Rivera Appointed Executive Vice-President Of Libertarian Freedom Council

On June 25, 2009, Joe Rivera was appointed to serve as Executive Vice-President of the Libertarian Freedom Council, an independent libertarian political organization founded on August 16, 2003 that promotes libertarianism, works with libertarian-leaning young professionals, students and entrepreneurs nationally and internationally, and helps support efforts to make the Libertarian Party a viable political entity in these United States.

In his message to all Libertarian Freedom Council members accepting his appointment, Joe Rivera said the following:

I, Joseph Rivera, am honored to accept my appointment as Executive Vice-President of the Libertarian Freedom Council. The organization's cause, the promotion of the Libertarian Party and libertarian values, is one that I find extremely worthwhile and rewarding. I am also excited by the group's focus on the youth of today and in helping them to become the leaders of tomorrow. A motivated and organized youth is instrumental in the struggle to restore both social and economic freedoms to the level of esteem and reverence they once held. As Executive Vice-President, I am looking forward to leaving a positive influence on the Libertarian Party and its success, as well as accelerating the personal and professional growth of those who want to do the same.

To share some more about myself, I am a recent high school graduate, so I feel that I fit right in with the youthful atmosphere of this group. I currently live in the town of Granby, CT, but I will be attending Worchester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts in the fall. I am a dabbling musician, and would like to use music as a means of promoting the cause of liberty in a very public and evocative way. Most importantly, I am a very open minded and logical person who holds reason as his highest source of truth, and I am very approachable, so there should be no hesitation in contacting me should the need arise. My e-mail addresses are and, and as August comes I will be phasing to the second more and more, so that will probably be the best to use.

I am always open for ideas, suggestions, and feedback. Hopefully I have made myself an approachable leader, and will be working productively with all of you as this organization works to accomplish its goals.

In welcoming Joe Rivera aboard as the LFC's new Executive Vice-President, Dr. Tom Stevens, President of the Libertarian Freedom Council, stated:

I look forward to working with Joe Rivera in his new capacity as Executive Vice-President of the Libertarian Freedom Council. I am counting on him to help me spread the message of liberty to young professionals, students and entrepreneurs and to encourage them to take an active role in getting the government to respect every person's right to his own life, liberty and property. I intend to take personal responsibility for helping Joe develop his leadership skills and to utilize reason in all the decisions he makes in his professional, political and personal life. I have high hopes that Joe will achieve great things during the next few years and he has made the commitment I believe will make his future potential success a reality.

The Yahoo Group for the Libertarian Freedom Council is located at:

In Liberty,

Dr. Tom Stevens
Libertarian Freedom Council

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