Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Robbie Greenberger, Libertarian Student Activist, Dies Of Leukemia At Age 20

Robbie Greenberger lost his fight with leukemia on August 14, 2008. He was only 20 years old!

Since April 6, 2007 until the time of his death, Robbie Greenberger was a Libertarian Student Activist and served with the Libertarian Freedom Council as a voting Foundation Member and in the capacity of National Student Organization Liaison.

The Libertarian Freedom Council is an independent libertarian political organization that promotes libertarianism, works with libertarian-leaning young professionals, students and entrepreneurs nationally and internationally, helps support efforts to make the Libertarian Party a viable political entity in these United States.

As National Student Organization Liaison, Robbie Greenberger helped coordinate the LFC's student outreach effort, recommended granting formal LFC Club Charters to libertarian student organizations recognized by their schools, coordinated the on-campus and off-campus activities of all chartered LFC student organizations, and helped advance the influence of students within the Libertarian Freedom Council.

Robbie Greenberger worked directly with and reported to Dr. Tom Stevens, the President of the Libertarian Freedom Council. Robbie was a committed advocate for liberty. His presence will be missed.

In Liberty,

Dr. Tom Stevens
Libertarian Freedom Council

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