Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Objectivist Party Of New Jersey Unveils "John Galt For Governor" Campaign

Neil McGettigan, President of the Objectivist Party of New Jersey, recently announced his affiliate's decision to run a campaign urging people to write-in John Galt's name for Governor of the State of New Jersey this coming November. After checking with the Board of Elections, Mr. McGettigan announced that running a fictitious person for Governor as part of an informational campaign is not illegal in the state and that if "John Galt" is written in by more than 1,000 people, it will be counted as part of the official vote tabulations.

In announcing the campaign, Mr. McGettigan said as follows:

The state of New Jersey faces a crisis, staggering debt, out of control property taxes and an economy that keeps sinking lower and lower. Jon Corzine, the current governor, has proven to be an agent of stagnation, driving these forces that are destroying our State. The Republican Party is clearly going to nominate a similar politician that will conduct identical policies that will help line the pockets of his friends at the expense of New Jersey's citizens. If we want real change then we need John Galt.


He is a retired engineer who devolved a special atmospheric electric generator that would have solved our energy crisis had not Wahabist backed lobbyists worked against him. His plan to save New Jersey is simple.

· Save our Freedoms and Civil Liberties

· End the War on Drugs

· Legalize Gay Marriage in NJ

· Stop Eminent Domain

· Balance the State Budget by ending Wasteful Programs

If you think John Galt can save New Jersey, then do the following:

· Cross out "God" on U.S. paper money and write "Galt" so it reads "In Galt We Trust"

· Draw dollars signs in chalk on public sidewalks


Write in John Galt’s name on Election Day for Governor of New Jersey!

Neil McGettigan has already purchased "John Galt For Governor" bumper stickers which he is distributing throughout the state. He is coordinating the activities of the campaign through the following Facebook Group and welcomes your input:


We wish the Objectivist Party of New Jersey the best of luck with this new campaign and with their efforts to spread liberty and the Objectivist Party message to all who are willing to listen.

In Liberty,

Dr. Tom Stevens
Objectivist Party

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