Saturday, June 20, 2009

Joe Rivera Appointed President Of The Objectivist Party Of Massachusetts

On June 5, 2009, Joe Rivera was appointed President of the Objectivist Party of Massachusetts. He has been accepted at and will be attending the Worchester Polytechnic Institute in Worchester, Massachusetts at which he will be forming an Objectivist Party Club this upcoming fall semester. It is Mr. Rivera's intention to ask the Governing Board of the Objectivist Party to charter a number of Objectivist Party Clubs at colleges and universities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Regarding this issue and the benefits associated with forming Objectivist Party Clubs, Mr. Rivera said:

Three of the current members of the Objectivist Party of Massachusetts will either be returning to college next year or attending for the first time. This is a great opportunity for us to tap into universities around the state by forming clubs. Objectivist Party Clubs are appealing to me because they have two major strengths: it is very easy for a college student, full of ideas about freedom, to notice a poster on their dorm bulletin board and join the club; and the clubs will be able to reserve auditoriums or lecture halls to host speakers and debates. Depending on the individual college's role as a center for its surrounding community, events such as these could potentially attract just as many people from outside as it does from the student body.

Joe Rivera joined the Objectivist Party on July 17, 2008. On February 17, 2009, he was appointed to the Governing Board and on June 1, 2009, he was appointed Vice-Chair of the Objectivist Party. On June 5, 2009, the same date he was appointed to serve as OPMA President, he resigned as President of the Objectivist Party of Connecticut but will continue to work with Mike LeVine, the new OPCT President, as part of his new responsibilities as Vice-Chair.

Regarding his appointment as OPMA President, Joe Rivera said:

I am very grateful to be the new leader of the Objectivist Party of Massachusetts. This is a great opportunity for a young person like myself to develop my professional and leadership skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life. However, the biggest benefits won't come until Objectivist philosophy and the use of reason is accepted by the mainstream culture. Living under a smaller government that respects individual liberties is a worthy goal and I will be glad to say I played a role in bringing about that change.

The Objectivist Party of Massachusetts uses a Facebook Group to coordinate their activities. That Facebook Group is located at:

Dr. Tom Stevens, Objectivist Party Chair, said the following about Joe Rivera's appointment as President of the Objectivist Party of Massachusetts:

I have the utmost confidence in Joe Rivera's ability to do a great job as OPMA President. The Massachusetts affiliate has gone through some difficult times since its chartering and I am pleased to have someone I can trust leading that affiliate. More has been done in the two weeks Mr. Rivera has been OPMA President than was accomplished during the past few months. I am very enthusiastic about the future potential of the Objectivist Party of Massachusetts. Now that Joe Rivera is President, I plan on scheduling a trip to the Boston area so I can meet with OPMA affiliate members. I will do everything within my power to help the Massachusetts affiliate to make its mark and to spread the message of liberty to all who are willing to listen.

In Liberty,

Dr. Tom Stevens
Objectivist Party

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