Friday, December 2, 2011

Applause! Applause! Review of Edward Blaise Bohan's "My First Time With Barbie" by Dr. Thomas Robert Stevens

This review of the play entitled "My First Time With Barbie" was written and published by Dr. Thomas Robert Stevens and appeared in Volume I, Issue 1 (November, 1997) of Applause! Applause!

"My First Time With Barbie" - One-Act Play
The Duplex (61 Christopher Street, NYC)

"My First Time With Barbie" debuted at the Expanded Arts Theatre and for that performance, the show won a 1997 Leonardo daVinci Award for Best Play; Edward Blaise Bohan won a Leonardo daVinci Award for Best Playwright; and D. Matt Crabtree won a Leonardo daVinci Award for Best Actor in a Play. After these awards were announced, "My First Time With Barbie" moved to the Duplex for Thursday night performances through October. D. Matt Crabtree, playing Roger, and Sharon Cacciabaudo, as Mrs. Young (Roger's mother) stayed with the production. The role of George was played by Matt Peterson, who in my opinion did as good a job as the actor who originated the role. In fact, D. Matt Crabtree and Matt Peterson had such a phenomenal rapport on stage that it was easy to believe that the characters they played were best friends with a high level of sexual energy and attraction sparking between them. Sharon Cacciabaudo played Mrs. Young as a campy, over-exaggerated, horny middle-aged mom with her own designs on her son's friend George. Given the flirting which was clearly evident, it wasn't difficult to believe that given the opportunity, she too would try to get into George's pants, a goal clearly shared by her son Roger.

Edward Blaise Bohan is a brilliant playwright. He has the ability to tackle difficult subjects with ease. "My First Time With Barbie" is an exploration of adolescent sexuality in all its complexities. Two adolescent boys, one more experienced than the other, address issues of sexual orientation, fantasies, pornography, masturbation, incest, pedophilia, societal pressures, homosexuality, and sexual experimentation all in the course of this well-written and well acted one act play.

David Noh directed both the original production and the one at the Duplex. He is an extremely proficient director who was able to make the best use of the space available at both locations and to get the best performance out of his actors.

D. Matt Crabtree is a rising star in the theatre and film world. He has the good looks and the talent to go all the way. All agents, casting directors and others looking for an actor with superior abilities and a great personality to boot, should contact him by catching one of his performances or by calling this review sheet.
You won't be sorry!!!

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