Monday, December 5, 2011

Applause! Applause! Review of "Scorcia's Screamers" by Dr. Thomas Robert Stevens

This review of the Stand-Up Comedy Show "Scorcia's Screamers" at M.T. Pockets was written and published by Dr. Thomas Robert Stevens and appeared in Volume I, Issue 2 (December, 1997) of Applause! Applause!

"Scorcia's Screamers" - Assorted Comics
M.T. Pockets (87-06 Queens Blvd, NYC)

"Scorcia's Screamers" is the "comedymark" of Joanne Scorcia, a very good-looking, talented, up-and-coming comic who coordinates "nights of comedy" featuring professional comics at some of the best comedy clubs in New York City. I caught this particular version of her show at M.T. Pockets during their regular Tuesday Comedy Night.

The star of the evening was Andrew Martin. He came across with perfect timing and a professional demeanor which commanded the respect of his audience. Against odds, he used his gay material in front of this almost exclusively straight, drunk audience and was nevertheless able to hit some home runs. He explained that he is writing a new play about a young man who falls in love with a figure skater. He is calling his work "Boy Meets Boitano." He also explained that he is not a pillow biter, one who bites the pillow during the throws of passion. He states that under some circumstances, he might have been a pillow biter, "if that leather gag wasn't keeping my mouth closed." Andrew Martin is a talented young man with a lot of guts who by his mere presence as a comic using gay material before a straight audience is in the forefront of the fight against homophobia and discrimination of gays by society.

Joanne Scorcia and Adam Lake are excellent comics who were not at their best this evening. Brendan Pattison told no jokes. Rey Cassese was full of energy and had a good, strong stage presence. Finally, Pete Dominick, the "comic" and "M.C." struck out. He had no timing, no enthusiasm, no jokes and no energy. His only redeeming virtue was that he knew that midgets are funny. He invited up to the stage as a "side-kick," a drunk midget named L.T. Smalls, who wiggled his hips and took out a "small" business card to show the audience.

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