Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chris Costanzo, Past State Chair Of The Vermont Libertarian Party, Tells State Committee Members That Carl Person's Candidacy Has Nothing To Do With Libertarianism & Likens Him To An Upholstery Flea

In direct response to Carl Person's view that Town Attorney Generals should use their prosecutorial power to sue corporations to obtain "Corporate Clawbacks" to finance Free Healthcare, Free Dental Care and Free Prescription Drugs for all citizens, Doug Richmond, VTLP Underhill Town Chair, who claims to know "Socialists and Commune wishers intimately" wrote:

This has NOTHING to do with Libertarian Thought. You need the Green/Greed Party, or Socialist/Commune-ists ideology.

Chris Costanzo, Past State Chair of the Vermont Libertarian Party, then wrote the following to all VTLP State Committee Members, to warn them against supporting Carl Person for the Libertarian Party's Presidential Nomination:

Doug is right. This man's candidacy has nothing to do with libertarianism. It illustrates my complaint over the years that all kinds of people on the left and on the right come to the LP claiming to be "libertarians," by which they mean the liberty of having the government do what they want, instead of what other people want. Some of these people (on the left) would be more at home among the socialists or social democrats, or (on the right) among the John Birchers or Christian Coalition.

They come out of the upholstery like fleas every election season, seeking LP support and wanting to avail themselves of the party podium. What's scary is that there are always some party members, alas even a large number of party members, who look at some of these guys and their anti-libertarian positions, and say "Oh, we can't demand ideological purity, after all he is very libertarian in other things." I beg the state committee not to fall for it this time.

I would add to Doug Richmond that libertarian antipathy towards this guy's liberal scheme should be matched by libertarian antipathy towards conservative desires such as establishment of religion and religious liturgies in official government procedures. Libertarianism is neither conservative nor liberal but an ideology in its own right, in an across-the-board support of liberty and government non-involvement in our lives, be it in conservative or liberal areas.

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