Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chris Edes, Immediate Past Chair Of The New York Libertarian Party, Endorses Carl Person's Brand Of Libertarianism Which Holds That The Power Of Banks & Large Corporations Is Too Great & Must Be Restrained

Chris Edes, the Immediate Past Chair of the New York Libertarian Party, has argued that Carl Person's positions regarding Banks & Large Corporations are consistent with free market & libertarian principles. The contents of his statement are, in part, as follows:

I'll be supporting Gary Johnson and/or Ron Paul, but I have to admit, you changed my mind about Carl Person. I thought he was just an empty suit, but he really thinks about things and tries to find creative solutions.

Banks have not been part of the free market in this country since 1913. I'm not certain whether it's more accurate to say that government has taken over the banks, or vice-versa, but it has been almost a century since banks were private enterprises operating solely on the basis of free market economics. For that matter a corporate charter is an instrument of the state, not a natural feature of the free market; as opposed to a simple partnership or like form of business, which can be bound by private contract.

Carl Person would go further than I would, but when you look at the situation we're in, where many feel forced to reward failure, because the perceived alternative is failure of the entire system, a system that is supposed to be based on rewarding success and punishing failure -- you can see we're already off course, and it's because the power of the banks and large corporations is too great. Or to put it another way, the State-sponsored entities called banks and corporations have corrupted the free market, and must be restrained to save the free market.

When did Libertarians start believing groups have rights? It in no way infringes the natural rights of human beings to regulate what exists solely due to privileges granted by the State. You don't have to incorporate; if it's a devil's bargain, don't take it!

So, I don't think Carl's proposals are inherently against libertarian principles. 

Chris Edes currently serves as a voting member of the State Committee of the New York Libertarian Party. In 2011, he ran for a position as Monroe County Legislator (24th District) on the Green Party line.

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